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Thank you, first responders As the extraordinary Northern California fires began to race through our communities, first responders rushed into action to evacuate threatened families and protect our friends and neighbors. We are deeply grateful to these firefighters, sheriff’s deputies, police officers, National Guard troops, paramedics and other first responders. Their courage and sacrifice are remarkable. Following the first responders, 4,300 Pacific Gas and Electric Company linemen, gas workers, engineers, troubleshooters and other skilled professionals worked to restore power and launch the recovery efforts. To the first responders—we know we walk in your brave footsteps. We can only do our job because you do yours so bravely and so well. Now, the critical work of recovery begins. To speed local recovery efforts, we are waiving all costs of installing temporary power as customers start to rebuild. We are reminding customers, contractors and excavators of the importance of calling 811 to prevent digging into utility lines during rebuilding. We have also suspended all bills for those who have lost their homes and businesses in the fires. As part of our larger commitment to all those impacted, we are working with North Bay Fire Relief Fund, a community partnership, assisting victims in recovery efforts. Our message to the community and our customers is a simple one: no matter how long it takes, we will be there with you. Please visit if you have any questions and to learn more about our commitment to recovery and rebuilding efforts. “PG&E” refers to Pacific Gas and Electric Company, a subsidiary of PG&E Corporation. ©2017 Pacific Gas and Electric Company. All rights reserved. To help address the needs of local first responders, we are providing grants to ensure that they have the training, support and equipment critical to keeping us all safe.

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