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Do not get ahead of your emotions. Watching those house-flipping shows, hearing the real estate gurus tell you about how many millions they make and counting the success stories of other investors is far from reality in the real estate investment world.

We are taking a look at a particular land-use law and how a land survey plays a significant role in determining land use rights.

Wars were fought and battles continue to be waged over land. Disagreements lasting thousands of years in some cultures over boundaries continue today.

Have you ever considered the similarities and differences between Napa, California and Waco, Texas?

If you pay more than 30 percent of your income for housing, you are burdened, according to the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Gone are the four basic sectors of commercial real estate: retail, office, industrial and multi-family. They are still very much a part of many portfolios, but the investor and broker will need to consider several new categories.

Selling and buying real estate has changed more in the last five years than in the last 25. Long gone is the one-page carbon purchase agreement my grandfather used or the MLS listing book brokers kept close in hand.

It can be tempting to sell your commercial investment—especially when we are told it is a seller’s market. We may feel an urgency to place our commercial property on the market—reaching for the best possible price.

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The Napa Valley is a great location to vacation as well as to have your company retreat. Many of the quintessential luxury estates throughout the Napa Valley are vacation homes or company-owned retreats.

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Considering a luxury home in the Napa Valley? You may find yourself owning an estate next door to David Beckham, Jeff Gordon, Carlos Santana or Joe Montana.

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News of the lead-tainted water supply in Flint, Michigan, poured over the nation. With lead levels five times higher than the level of concern for safe drinking, residents are looking at who to blame.

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The news was out last week that Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion was put up for sale for $200 million. The price is a reach, according to local Los Angeles brokers, as the value is in the land at a third of the price.

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Being a real estate broker and a member of the California Association of Realtors, I receive year-end updates of new laws for the coming year in California. It is good for us to know what to expect and how our legislators are best representing our interests.