A significant member event took place last week and reaffirmed the new mantra and mission of the Napa Chamber of Commerce that has our organization trending in the right direction.

When we engage, connect and collaborate as a community, all things are possible.

The theory itself sounds pretty simple, but requires engaged parties to maintain a focus on characteristics seemingly missing or fading away from the fabric of today’s “me first” business culture.

It requires listening — not to be confused with communicating; it requires placing the needs and objectives of others before your own.

It also requires a final common goal and objective that benefits all collaborative partners, as well as their respective industries, businesses, affiliated associates, customers/clients and even local communities and residents. Win-win and win some more!

Napa native Stan Teaderman formally introduced Allied Energy Fuel Plaza (231 Devlin Road) to a group of more than 100 local community stakeholders this past Friday.

I can’t imagine a more proud moment for his team and family (wife Patty, siblings Kim, Cathy and Kerri and grandson Dustin).

Stan began making a philanthropic difference in Napa Valley in 1967 when he founded his first propane gas company. He’s also served as a board trustee of the Queen of the Valley since 1997.

The contributions of this small local business will grow far beyond anyone’s projected economic impact imagination. I encourage everyone to stop in to truly appreciate what Stan has created; something for the residents and businesses of Napa County that doesn’t exist ANYWHERE else.

The Plaza actually meets every need of all present and future vehicles as it relates to clean-fuel options — E-85 ethanol, diesel exhaust fluid, compressed natural gas and propane Autogas. Not to mention it accepts cardlock cards for six fast-fill compressed natural gas dispensers and a Tesla supercharger EV station. They also pre-equipped themselves to be the first to sell liquefied natural gas.

It’s a major accomplishment; another shiny medal on the proud chest of Napa that will cause energy leaders around the world to stop and take note before attempting to replicate.

Targa Resources, an industry leader in midstream services, is a natural gas provider partner for the project.

Targa Director of Development Ron Stinebaugh spoke highly of Teaderman.

“In my many years in this industry, I’ve not met anyone with his vision, passion, determination and commitment to a project so complex that many involved thought would be impossible to complete. This is a great day for the clean fuel energy industry. Napa should also be very proud.”

A proud moment for the Teadermans, indeed.

It was also a proud moment for the Chamber to witness the ultimate showcase of engaging, connecting and collaborating.

This project took collaborative efforts of state, city, county, federal, energy, environmental agencies and commissions to new heights.

It’s a novel concept. I know it’s not as easy as it sounds, but I also know it’s pretty tough to get anything done on your own these days.

Anyway, congratulations to everyone involved in making this amazing project happen. This little local business will make Napa famous again, for something other than food and wine.

Travis Stanley is the president and CEO of the Napa Chamber of Commerce. Call 226-7455 or visit NapaChamber.com.