The Napa Chamber of Commerce is fortunate to have a core group of members – new and renewed – as we continue to evolve during our almost three-year organizational transition – or transformation as many refer to it.

It sounds like a long “transition” period, but please remember it was abruptly interrupted by an earthquake just one month in…. so the journey continues.

Thanks to the support and patience of many, I’m now the longest-tenured Chamber president since Kate King. Please be reminded that between Kate and me, there were three others in five years.

As the process continues, I can proudly say that the current base of supporters and members are all involved and committed to assisting the Chamber face our ever-evolving challenge of rebuilding the brand, developing new goals and strategies and gaining restored faith and confidence within the local business community.

It couldn’t happen without the support and efforts of the NCC staff and board of directors, members and non-members, elected officials and government staff, community leaders and stakeholders, large and small businesses, developers and lastly, the amazing local nonprofit sector.

The Chamber almost feels like a “child being raised by a village” in the ultimate display of engaging, connecting and collaborating, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

We want you back

We still need more support in the form of members.

Napa County has about 8,000 total registered businesses, which makes us 7,000 short of our very optimistic and unrealistic goal – one that serves as the driving force behind our effort to get former NCC members back.

Give us one more opportunity to assist you in sustaining and growing your business, communicating your concerns to city/county leadership and keep you informed on future developments in and around the city and county of Napa. We want to engage, connect and collaborate with you in new and creative ways.

We want you back, part II

I think we’ve put together some pretty good incentives.

Any former Chamber business who rejoins between now and June 12 has an opportunity to win a FREE pair of tickets to see one of the following upcoming concerts during their Bay Area tours — Bruno Mars, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill or the legendary Neil Diamond.

Current members renewing on or before May 23 will have an opportunity to join us at BottleRock!

Check your email, voicemail and/or mailbox for these opportunities and more.

We want you back and will make every effort to connect with you.

Call us at (707) 226-7455 or email

Still have a member account?

Simply go to and renew today and be automatically entered for a chance to win.

Member news

Belated birthday wishes to Jennifer Zajac Winters, marketing director at Aegis of Napa, and longtime NCC member.

Jennifer is one of the bravest, giving, inspirational and positive people I’ve ever known. Hope you enjoyed pampering yourself at Auberge du Soleil.

Happy birthday to NCC 2015 Citizen of the Year Barbara Wiggins, celebrating her 52nd birthday Thursday at the Mustard Seed Clothing Company!

Travis Stanley is the president and CEO of the Napa Chamber of Commerce. Call 226-7455 or visit