Janet Peischel is a writer, Internet marketing expert, and the owner of Top of Mind Marketing. 

Admit it. When you put up a blog or social media post, you try to sex it up with a snappy subject line and terrific image, hoping your post will go viral, reach a gazillion people and quickly increase your audience and more importantly, convert new clients.

I recently worked on a website for a construction company; one member of our team kept suggesting things to make the site “pop.”

Electronic delivery has completely changed the way we market our businesses. It’s opened up wonderful new opportunities to get in front of our audiences, to share our expertise. But these new marketing channels have left a lot of small businesses confused and overwhelmed.

This is the time of year when we wake up to a huge dose of reality. The holidays are over, spring is months away and there’s nothing to look forward to but diets, bills and taxes.