Janet Peischel

Janet Peischel

These days, we’re all marketers. We’re constantly being assaulted with clever, new ways to engage our audiences.

But coming up with compelling articles, attention-grabbing headlines and relevant images takes time.

And let’s face it, you’re taking care of your family, your team and your clients and sometimes you just plain run out of time.

Time to start including content curation in your content marketing program

Content curation is an effective way to augment your own great content with quality industry articles and excerpts that can provide another perspective and offer value.

Content curation means sharing existing content—someone else’s articles—with your online followers. A full 68 percent of marketers rely on curated content as part of their overall content-marketing effort.

Content curation can help establish you as a trusted source for quality industry information. You may now be recognized as someone who always generates great content—you can also be known as someone who finds and shares great content.

Content curation is still predicated on good writing and key insights

You should be reading industry publications to stay on top of trends and technology.

Read the articles that your favorite writers are publishing then repurpose them to your own website. Be sure to source them and link back to the author’s site. Follow copyright requirements.

But this is not a copying and pasting exercise

Personalize these articles—add an introduction and a conclusion so you’re contributing something of yourself.

Don’t be afraid to share your opinions — this is the way you become recognized as an industry expert.

Tell your audience why this article is worthy of their attention; explain why you follow this particular author, etc. Big publishers offer content curation services, but these come with a price tag; there are other tools that make it easy to do this yourself.

Content curation: Start making this a habit

Start clipping or saving articles that you’d like to repurpose. Think about how you can add something of value to the conversation.

I found a great tool called Evernote that is making it easy to clip articles that I like. Create a profile, then download their little tool that lets you clip articles into the application.

You can add images and notes so that when you’re ready to use one of your curated articles, you can scroll through the displayed items, select one and copy and paste it into your blog.

I’ve been collecting content in a Word document, but it’s a total mess, making it difficult to really see what I’ve curated. With Evernote, every article is individually displayed, with notes as separate items. This is a huge productivity enhancer.

Creating good content is still a challenge, but sharing it has become easier

Just as with your original articles, using curated content helps raise your website’s search engine optimization value, and it can be a huge time-saver.

Coming up with well-written content that meets the needs of your audience is still a challenge, but curating some of your content will help you save time without sacrificing quality.

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