Janet Peischel

Janet Peischel

Like most other products, a website has a shelf life. New sites need to be built in responsive design so they’ll adapt to all devices.

But other changes have taken place over the last few years, and many of them are driven by mobile users.

Sites are simpler, there’s less drilldown and menus have collapsed.

Your current site may not be representative of the businesses you own today

There’s a good chance your content is outdated, you may have rebranded and added social media sites that have not been incorporated onto your site.

Today’s new website designs are slicker, with more opportunities for messaging and calls to action. There are likely missed opportunities: You may be publishing newsletters, press releases and blogs that should be added to the site.

Yet ask any business owner—a new website is a major initiative; it’s time consuming and expensive.

Applying a new WordPress theme to the old site streamlined a project

I recently worked on a project where the end-product was more of a facelift than a completely new site, which dramatically streamlined the project.

The site was originally created four years ago in WordPress, which has more than 2,000 themes. We identified a contemporary theme and applied it to the existing site.

This was a fairly seamless process, requiring only some minor tweaking and a little customization.

New content was an important part of this project

The content was badly out of date, so new content was a primary focus.

We did keyword research to help us identify the words and phrases we wanted to be using throughout the site and re-engineered the navigation. We retired some services, added new ones and identified vibrant new images for every page.

Today’s users are used to good visuals, so these images are critical enhancements.

This company wanted to begin blogging, so we set up a blog and uploaded 10 or so blogposts and images so there would be some activity, to provide credibility.

The site design included four tiles across the bottom where we could upload an image and a brief sentence —great for calling attention to events, awards, new products or new blogposts.

On the homepage, there’s also a banner that we can swap out to showcase a new product that links to a page with more detail.

The result: For all intents and purposes, a new website

A new look and feel. Updated content that reflects the company as it is today. High-quality images and terrific new headshots of the team.

By updating blogs, adding newsletters and press releases, this company will be contributing fresh content that will increase their search engine optimization value.

We’re working with them to review their content on a quarterly basis, making updates as needed. We’re also writing quarterly press releases and newsletters that we’ll post to their website and social media sites.

This company now has a significantly upgraded website as well as a blueprint for leveraging other marketing channels to increase their overall impact.

Janet Peischel is a writer, Internet marketing expert, and the owner of Top of Mind Marketing. Contact Janet at 510- 292-1843 or jpeischel@top-mindmarketing.com.