Many years ago, I found a little book written by a British author Herbert N. Casson. It is entitled “Tips on Finance.”

Although written nearly 90 years ago, the principles are timeless.

Chapter two is called “Making Money Happily – Twelve Tips on Success and Happiness.”

We are counseled that success may be measured by what we possess, but happiness is judged by how we feel.

What we have dulls in comparison to what we are when this life is over. But how do we make money happily?

1. Do your job, whatever it is, a little better than people expect you to do it.

Your attitude is everything, especially your attitude about your work. Do something extra. Do something you were not told to do.

2. Learn all you can from those above you.

Ask yourself about your attitude about those above you. We need to stop castigating or jeering those at the top and learn from them.

3. Help those who are less fortunate.

When we have had some success, we need to pass on some of it to others.

4. Get rid of fear.

Check your personal “self-talk.” See how many times a day or week you use the phrase, “I’m afraid.” Stop it.

5. Live one day at a time.

There is nothing so precious and so scarce as time. We have the greatest challenge to decide what to do with it. Some say the best increment of time is the day.

6. Waste no time on little things.

Learning to distinguish the big and little things of life is an enviable talent. Many of us waste our energy and often our anger on things that don’t matter. Deciding what is important and what is not is the secret.

7. Build something.

It is almost an innate characteristic of mankind to build. To be a builder is to be a creator. One of business’ primary functions is to create, then serve.

8. Back yourself to win.

Have faith and avoid pessimism. It is impossible to have life without risk. There will be times when things look the bleakest. Have the courage to stay with your convictions.

9. Put yourself above worldly goods.

Whatever happens, we must live with ourselves. Wealth begins with you. If it does not, then, your wealth only makes you conspicuous and absurd.

10. Think more of people and less of things.

After self-respect comes the respect of others. Developing friendships assure happiness, not success. We should cultivate friends as the gardener does flowers.

11. Develop your capacity to love.

Friendship added upon is love.

12. Develop your mental and spiritual force.

Success and happiness come from within. They are mental and spiritual. They are the by-products of mental and spiritual preparedness.

These 12 tips on success and happiness are true principles. Nearly every great business person I know has a personal philosophy that incorporates many of these concepts. Casson offers timeless counsel for us all.

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