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Honorary co-chairmen Brandon Staglin and Mentis Executive Director Rob Weiss speak at the recent World of Wine fundraiser in Napa.

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Mentis: Napa’s Center for Mental Health Services announced that the nonprofit raised $100,000 at its fifth annual World of Wine fundraiser at Opus One Winery on March 12.

“When we started the fundraiser five years ago we were so pleased to raise almost $25,000,” said board member Christopher Barefoot and creator of World of Wine.

“This year’s total demonstrates growing community support and ensures the breadth of services that are so badly needed.”

“I am so proud of the work that Mentis has done,” he said.

“For 65 years, as the oldest nonprofit in Napa County, we have continuously delivered mental health services to residents,” said Rob Weiss, executive director of Mentis.

“The success of our annual fundraiser ensures we can continue this effort on behalf of the community.”

The proceeds will be used to support expansion and growth for the agency, said a news release. Mentis provides bilingual professional mental health services to people of every age, stage and income level, and specializes in trauma informed care.

Mentis’ Trauma Program is a grounded in an understanding and responsiveness to the impact of trauma for residents. The agency provides a safe environment to meet the unique needs of survivors and avoid inadvertent re-traumatization, a press release said.

This model of service is designed to meet the mental health needs of people along the continuum of trauma and stress-related disorders.

To date, the World of Wine fundraiser has raised more than $250,000 to support mental health services to Napa County residents.



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