With a name like Monday Sparkles, you cannot help but smile. And that is the goal of Fanny Woo and Patricia Oro, founders and the creative minds behind this local subscription box for tween girls.

“We curate each box with a specific theme, and a vision for girls to kind of unplug and just remember to love themselves” said Woo.

The seasonal, quarterly boxes each have a guiding theme, which is decided on before any products are selected.

Past themes have included stay connected, courage and kindness, and the upcoming box will be centered on gratitude. For $35 per box, or $140 for a whole year, with free shipping, recipients will find four to six products that have been carefully selected according to the guiding theme.

Aiming to keep the products eco-friendly, recycled, or organic, Woo said they are always on the search for local products to feature in the boxes.

“We want to offer different products to keep the boxes authentic and not so mainstream,” said Oro.

While each box may have a different theme, all of them have the same connecting message for the girls to have kindness and love for themselves and others.

“In each box, we also have an activity for the girls to do and opportunities to connect with their moms as friends.”

One product that offers such an opportunity is the Just Between us Journal, which was included in their launch box during the 2015 holiday season and is still available through their online sparkle shop.

“It is a mother-daughter bonding journal,” said Woo. “It is such a fun way to connect with our daughters.”

“I find that with writing, our daughters are able to express more about what is going on in their lives,” Oro added.

Recipients will also find a duplicate item in every box — this is no mistake. “We have a duplicate item so you can sparkle someone’s day,” Woo said.

“We believe this item can go to anyone; maybe a new kid in class or someone having a rough time, or even a BFF.”

The ‘sparkle someone’s day’ item is all about sharing and is a great way to get to know someone new or to reconnect, according to Woo.

Each having two daughters, Woo and Oro understand how challenging the transitional time of the tween years, between eight and 12 years old, can be.

“It’s often when they start the self-doubt, the social issues, and even friendship issues,” Woo said.

As challenging as this time can be for young girls figuring out how life is changing, so too do their moms experience challenges. Through their recently launched digital magazine, Woo and Oro create content geared toward moms.

“It is a resource with things like shopping guides, travel ideas and tips, and beauty tips,” said Oro.

Not only working to help foster love and kindness in the lives of their box recipients, Woo and Oro partner Monday Sparkles with other organizations that work with young girls.

“The nonprofit we are partnering with this year is Girls On The Run,” said Woo.

“It is an international nonprofit for girls, from third grade to middle school, which builds confidence through healthy choices inside and outside.”

Monday Sparkles is donating $1 from every box they sell to Girls On The Run as well as having a presence at the organization’s events in the region.

In addition to their nonprofit partnerships, Monday Sparkles will be doing a box matching special.

For all boxes sold on “Cyber Monday” 2017 (Nov. 27), Oro said that they will be sponsoring a box for the girls of families that have been affected by the recent wildfires.

Even if you do not have a tween to buy the box for, Oro said that “people can buy a box specifically for the girls and then we will also sponsor one.” There is no limit to the number of boxes Monday Sparkles is willing to sponsor to those affected by the fires.

The pair often gets asked about how they came up with their name, and it boils down to the common sentiment about Mondays.

“People either have really good vibes about Monday, or more often, they don’t,” Woo said.

With the idea that nothing brighter than sparkles can light up a Monday, “We try to make sure boxes arrive on Mondays so their Mondays will sparkle.”