FILM BLOCK TWO :  An In-Depth Look

Friday, February 9th


Tickets are $10



The second block of the festival celebrates those filmmakers who look beyond the façade.  An In-Depth look supports those filmmakers who dig deeper, who ask more questions and ultimately change perception.







Directed by Pam Roberts and Peter Miller

Produced by Kiki Wilson, David Druckenmiller, Pam Roberts, Peter Miller

Robert Shaw – Man of Many Voices is more than a remarkable story about the unbelievable rise of a great symphonic conductor from a background of pop music and very little formal training. It is also a moving tale of a man wrestling demons while still creating choral music that towers as the gold standard even today. It is a film the New York Times has called “poignant and compelling.” 



Robert Shaw’s legacy has reached far beyond the multiple Grammy awards, the record-breaking albums and even the vast musical history he made. Civil rights and international diplomacy also benefitted from Mr. Shaw’s unshakeable belief that music could transcend human divisions whether political, prejudicial or simply entrenched. His considerable talents were matched by his passion, his charisma and his unique genius, and seemed to stay a step ahead of the world around him. 



Robert Shaw touched the lives of untold musicians and listeners, most of whom walked away from the experience a changed being. This documentary film that the New York Times went on to call “an obvious labor of love … admirably cleareyed in its warts-and-all perspective” captures those moments with all the emotion and gravitas as when they were first experienced. 




  • Occurred Friday, February 9th, 2018 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm


Jarvis Conservatory

1711 Main St
Napa, CA 94559

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