Jeanette Williams

Jeanette M. Williams, M.D. announced the opening of her new Family Medicine practice and will be seeing patients starting March 1 at 807A Washington St.

“My job is so fulfilling in Calistoga, because I get the opportunity to work with a strong community of patients who are appreciative of the care I provide,” Williams said in a statement. “I’m very excited to continue working with my patients in a new practice model that gives them more control over their healthcare.”

Williams practiced medicine in Calistoga for the past eight years at the Vermeil Clinic, and was praised by Councilmember Irais Lopez-Ortega who owns and operates the Cedars Care Home in Calistoga, an assisted living facility whose clients are also often patients of Williams.

Williams is using an alternative health care billing system. She will use a Direct Primary Care practice model that charges a yearly fee for primary care services through the doctor’s office and no additional visit charges.

“Revenue is not generated by how many patients are seen per day. Instead, the annual fee just pays for whatever care patients need,” Williams said. “With Direct Primary Care, I am able to maintain a smaller practice size, which will allow greater access to care, time to return patient phone calls, unhurried visits, and a greater focus on preventive care – not just treating illness.”

Williams said in an interview that she wants to focus on her patients and their needs, not on an insurance company’s methodology. As a family practitioner, Williams is often the first person that a patient sees when seeking healthcare services, and she examines and treats patients with a wide range of conditions. If necessary she refers patients to specialists or appropriate facilities.

“She provides a great blend of top-notch medical knowledge with a strong passion for providing community-based care,” said Lisa Johnston, a Calistoga resident and owner of Azusa Shoe Store and Zenobia (Zenobia is closing due to the loss of its lease).

Williams hopes to become more involved in community activities, such as creating a walking program, providing community health education, and involvement with the Teen Center.

“My approach is empathetic and non-judgmental. I see myself as an educator and a guide who empowers individuals to become active decision-makers in their own care,” Williams said.

Nori Anchondo, whom Williams refers to as her “right hand” will be joining the new practice as medical assistant and phlebotomist.

“I love working with Dr. Williams because she’s a great provider, mindful, detailed, thorough and she cares about her patients,” Anchondo said.

Williams attended the University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Medicine and completed her residency at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.

For more information on the practice before its planned opening on March 1 or to register as a patient and schedule an appointment, contact 942-1100. Williams can also be reached by email at, her Jeanette Williams, MD Facebook page, as well as on her upcoming website


The Weekly Calistogan Editor