CALISTOGA — The Enchanted Resorts–backed campaign in favor of Measure C continues to vastly outspend opponents of the project.

According to campaign finance reports filed last week, Enchanted Resorts, Inc. has contributed $123,000 during the calendar year to the campaign supporting the March 5 ballot initiative, including $62,000 during the most recent four-week filing period.

During the same period of Jan. 20 through Feb. 16, the campaign spent $55,590 on campaign literature, consultants and other services.

The campaign was left with $50,483 in cash on hand, with $24,933 in unpaid bills.

The committee opposing Measure C, known as Save Our Small Calistoga, raised just $3,699 in the same four-week period. Donors included Robert Hitchcock ($1,000), retired Diamond Mountain grower Norm Kiken ($1,000), George Caloyannidis and Christine Tittel ($1,000) and Lisa and Matthew Chanoff ($500).

Opponents have spent $2,401 this year, primarily on campaign literature.

The Enchanted Resorts project consists of a 110-room resort on a wooded hillside near the intersection of Highway 29, Foothill Boulevard and Lincoln Avenue. The resort would feature a spa, ballroom, restaurants, 20 fractional-ownership houses, and building sites for up to 13 private houses.

The City Council approved the Enchanted Resorts project in August, but opponents gathered enough signatures to put the project on the ballot.

Project manager Aaron Harkin has said that the Measure C campaign will be cheaper than November’s Measure B campaign, when the Colorado-based Bald Mountain Development spent at least $250,000 in support of a ballot measure approving the redevelopment of the Silver Rose Inn. Measure B passed 1,079-781 votes, or about 58-42 percent.

Former Editor Sean Scully contributed to this article.

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That Harkin fellow is very astute, the Enchanted Resort will save Lincoln Avenue and pave are streets at the same time
The schools will get money, the city will thrive from his tireless work for the perfect resort
I, for one, hope he stays in town and would run for office.
This town has no "free thinkers" that can see through the trees and envision a sate of the art complex with," high end quests", that will come down on the shuttle and spend money wildly.
They also will use our library, parks, pool, nine hole golf course and visit our Museum.
They also will fill our tasting rooms and promote our local wineries.
Thanks in advance Mr. Harkin, you rock.!

Bill Dyer

While $123,000 and counting might seem a lot on a per vote basis, for Mr. Safra this is likely pretty cheap considering how much the value of his property jumped when he was able to alter the General Plan and move the zoning from Rural Residential Hillside to whatever it is now--Big Resort Special District?


The developers have also got the support of the business community and the city government for building these resort projects. When their banner ad is the most prominent feature on the Calistogan website, and the Calistoga Tribune is pretty much a paid spokesman for Enchanted Resorts, it is clear that the moneyed interests have a lot of power to influence the town.

Let's hope that good judgement and common sense prevail, and that the voters will not let development money win this election.

Vote no on Measure C to support conservation and reasonable growth. . .

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