An intruder entered an unlocked cellar in the 4200 block of Scott Way near Calistoga sometime Monday night and stole an antique shotgun and a revolver, according to the Napa County Sheriff’s Office. The shotgun was a 1920 double-barrels side-by-side shotgun and the revolver was a Ruger 22.

Deputies also took reports of someone rifling through three unlocked vehicles in the 4300 block of Scott Way, said Capt. Tracey Stuart.

The suspect stole vehicle keys left inside a 1991 Honda Civic, a 2001 Mazda and a 1992 Acura, Stuart said. The suspect also stole owner’s manuals of two of the cars.

There are no suspects.

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To napa1957

Wow . . why in the world does someone make a comment like this? Most people in a rural area like this one do not have burglar alarms, guns for protection, vicious dogs ready to kill intruders, gates on the road, signs that say "will shoot on sight," etc., etc.

Even with a crime like this here in the upper Napa Valley, it remains a relatively peaceful and secure place to live. What is more interesting than the crimes that are in this article is that they are unusual enough to be newsworthy. Where we live is not perfect mind you, but not so dangerous that people need to live in fear either.


Wow...I know Calistoga is a small town, but why in the world does someone leave keys in their unlocked vehicles? I would be afraid that my Auto Insurance would just laugh at me if I had a claim like this!

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