Sunday, Sept. 26

1:43 a.m., A Calistoga man was taken into custody for DUI following a traffic stop on Lincoln Avenue. The subject was held a few hours and released on a citation to appear in court.

12:04 a.m., Officers responded to a non-injury vehicle accident on Washington Street.

10:08 p.m., An officer responded to a report of a dead deer in the roadway on Grant Street. The animal was, however, gone when officers arrived.


Monday, Sept. 27

2:59 a.m., A Calistoga man was taken into custody for an outstanding warrant. He was transported to the county jail.

3:49 a.m., Officers responded to a report of a disturbance on Washington Street. A subject was reported to have broken in the front door of a residence and gotten into an argument with the resident. The subject was gone from the area when officers arrived.

2:54 p.m., Police and fire units responded to a residential structure fire on Lake Street. One apartment was damaged and no one was injured. The fire department is investigating the cause of the fire.


Tuesday, Sept. 28

12:59 p.m., Police and fire units responded to a report of a big rig on fire on Foothill Boulevard near Lincoln Avenue. The vehicle was located and removed from in front of the gas station. The fire was located in the bed of the truck that was loaded with wood chips. The fire department was able to extinguish it pretty quickly.

7:09 p.m., An officer responded to a report of a barking dog on School Street. The owner was contacted and is taking steps to take the bark out of the situation.

11:38 p.m., Officers responded to a report of a drunk driver on Petrified Forest Road. The vehicle was gone from the area.


Wednesday, Sept. 29

4:06 a.m., A resident on Fair Way reported that every 20 minutes a cellular phone would ring, playing an awful Christina Aguilera song. The phone was found alongside the road in the bushes. It was turned off and booked into found property.

12:39 p.m., An officer took a theft report on Brannan Street after a $100 charge was discovered on a victim’s bank card.


Thursday, Sept. 30

7:02 p.m., Officers responded to a Cedar Street address for a report of a suspicious subject looking into yards. Officers found no one.


Friday, Oct. 1

3:01 a.m., An open door was located on Lincoln Avenue. The building was checked and the door locked.

2:25 p.m., Officers responded to a disturbance on Lincoln Avenue. A couple was involved in a verbal argument while they waited for the bus. The argument ended when one person got on the bus heading south.

6:10 p.m., Officers assisted in settling an argument on Wapoo Street. The matter turned out to be a civil matter, but the persons were not acting civilly.

6:20 p.m., Officers responded to a suspicious vehicle report on Cedar Street.


Saturday, Oct. 2

7:36 a.m., An officer responded to a vehicle accident on Highway 29 south of town. A driver swerved to miss an animal in the roadway and crashed. The driver was slightly injured in the accident, treated and released.

2:28 p.m., An officer responded to a 911 disconnect on Centennial Circle. A child was playing with the phone.

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