Due to severe damage caused by the South Napa Earthquake, some Napa County buildings are closed. Napa County will continue to provide essential services and is dedicating resources and staff to return public services to normal operations.

Napa County has relocated some services to the public. A list of Napa County services and their current location can be found at: www.countyofnapa.org/services/southnapaearthquake/. Residents without access to the Internet can call the Emergency Operations Center Public Information Line (707) 299-1554 for assistance locating services. Spanish speaking residents can call (707) 253-4773 for assistance locating services.

Latest South Napa Earthquake info available

Napa County will continue to dedicate the staff and resources necessary to manage the recovery process and help community members and businesses get back on their feet. For the latest South Napa Earthquake information, resources, and local assistance available, please check www.countyofnapa.org.

LHNC to hold obesity prevention meeting

From 10 a.m. to noon, Friday, Sept. 19 join community partners interested in creating a county-wide plan to reduce obesity at the Live Healthy Napa County (LHNC) Obesity Prevention Planning meeting. It will be held at the NCTPA Board Room, 625 Burnell St. Email LHNC@countyofnapa.org to RVSP and visit countyofnapa.org/LHNC for more information.

Ballots to be sent out for Nov. 4 election

Overseas and military voters will begin receiving ballots for the Nov. 4 General Election beginning Monday, Sept. 8.

Regular vote by mail ballots will be available to the majority of Napa County voters who vote by mail beginning the first week in October. Any voters who know they will be away from home during the period Oct. 6 through Election Day can request a vote by mail ballot before they leave. The ballot will be mailed after Oct. 6 to the address specified.

To request a vote by mail ballot please contact the Election Division at elections@countyofnapa.org or by calling (707) 253-4322 or toll free 1-888-494-8356.

(This information was provided by Napa County. Questions or comments can be directed to Cara Mae Wooledge, Public Information Officer, 253-4111 or caramae.wooledge@countyofnapa.org.)


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