Oakland Police at Solage

Solage hosted lunch for Oakland Police Department officers who patrolled Calistoga during the mandatory evacuation during the Tubbs Fire.

Michelle Hickman

The last time a team of Oakland Police Department motorcycle officers rolled into Calistoga they were here to assist with evacuations and protect the city from looters during the Tubbs Fire. Their visit to Solage on Tuesday was more of a social call – and to return a master key to the resort they used while they stayed there during the fire incident.

About half of the 30 officers who helped patrol Calistoga during the fires and who stayed at Solage during their assignment returned to Calistoga to visit with Phil Kendall, Solage general manager, and have lunch, said Michelle Hickman, who spoke with one of the officers.

In comparing their visit on Tuesday to the last time they were in smoke-filled Calistoga, the officer told Hickman that they were enjoying the blue skies, comfortable temperatures and scenery that belies the fierce fires last month, including the Tubbs Fire that started near Hickman’s home that was lost to the blaze.

As winds shifted during the firestorm by the fourth night of the police officers’ stay they could see the stars in the night sky.

Hickman said the officer remarked on how friendly Calistogans are, including those who refused to evacuate, but that had not been the case in all the cities they helped to evacuate in the early stages of the fires, he told her.