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Sean Scully Editor 256-2246
Kevin Courtney City Editor 256-2217
Samie Hartley Online Editor/Calendar 265-3621
J.L. Sousa Photo Editor 256-2276
Jennifer Huffman Business Editor 256-2218
Barry Eberling Napa County Reporter 256-2253
Howard Yune Napa City Reporter/ Yountville Correspondent 256-2214
Maria Sestito Public Safety Reporter 256-2221
Sasha Paulsen Features Editor 256-2262
Kelly Doren Copy Desk Chief 256-2263
Tim Yagle Copy Editor 256-2252
Henry Lutz Copy Editor / Wine Reporter 256-2211
Marty James Executive Sports Editor 256-2223
Andy Wilcox Sports Reporter 256-2220
Yousef Baig Sports Reporter 256-2212

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Name Title Phone Number Email
Norma Kostecka Ad Director (Retail and Digital Sales) 256-2228
Rodolfo Schwanz Ad Director (Digital and Print Classified) 256-2244
Randy Dowis Sales: Real Estate, Distinctive Properties and Online Sales 256-2229
Amberly Krupcznski Multi Media Sales Consultant 256-2232
Philip Marshall Multi Media Sales Consultant 256-2202
Phyllis Mauceri Multi Media Sales Consultant 256-2298
Jim McClenahan Multi Media Sales Consultant 256-2236
Glen Tabangcura Multi Media Sales Support 256-2231

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