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I want to give a "Shout Out" to American Canyon.

I have lived here almost 40 years and am proud to be a resident. I am very active in our community. I just want to express how blessed I feel to be a resident of American Canyon.

I love our community for so many reasons, but I want to mention only two of so many.

First, last Saturday was a true testament of how our community comes together and shows their love and concern for our own. Just a few short weeks ago, one of our beloved residents, Paul Schapiro, was killed while riding his bicycle from work on Highway 29. Paul had no blood family in California. However he had a community full of family.

In his honor, the local Lions Club held a memorial service for Paul at our Wetlands Edge. It began with a ceremony, presentations from co-workers, residents, bicycle advocates, and yes, political representatives. In fact, Rep. Mike Thompson flew a flag over the Capitol building on Flag Day in Paul's memory.

Following the ceremony, we had a bike ride on The Mike Thompson Hike and Bike Trail.

I want to give the Lions Club a big "thank you" for putting that memorial service together.

No. 2  shout-out goes to Erik Burrow, general manager of the DoubleTree hotel. A few of us at our job learned about an individual who was displaced, through no fault of their own, and needed temporary housing assistance.

One guardian angel at work, whose name I will not mention, was willing to pay for a week's stay at a local hotel. She asked me for my assistance, the first individual I thought of was Erik.

When I contacted Erik, he immediately worked with us and assisted us with providing facilities for this individual.

Although I should be amazed about this type of reaction from our community, I am not. You see, American Canyon is a unique place to live. It is a very family-oriented community, provides free events for families, and it is very giving and shows compassion.

I also love the fact that our local government involves our high school children in our various committees. They are grooming our future with our high school students.

In closing, I want to again thank our community for all they do.

I also want to thank the Lions Club for their involvement in making Paul's last moments memorable.

And, to thank Erik Burrow of the DoubleTree hotel for his assistance.

I can't wait until the Watson Ranch Project is complete so that we have a beautiful place to come together and celebrate life.

Thank you, and God bless our community.

Beth Marcus

American Canyon