Irene M. Snow Elementary School’s Parent Teacher Organization hosted its 42nd annual Invitational Track Meet with 183 participants from eight schools competing in all running events on May 9.Schools represented were Canyon Oaks, Donaldson Way, Napa Junction, Northwood, NVLA, Phillips, Shearer and Snow.

4th Grade Girls

40 Yd. Dash

1. Jennifer Massie, Canyon Oaks.

2. Maddie Provost, Northwood.

3. Jessica Poehleman,

   Canyon Oaks.

5th Grade Girls

40 Yd. Dash

1. Carli Baker, Northwood.

2. Nayeli Basulto,

    Donaldson Way.

3. Shiho Shigemashi, Snow.

4th Grade Boys

40 Yd. Dash

1. Dylan Kaye, Northwood.

2. Ricky Vincent, Snow.

3. Reuben Meza, Phillips.

5th Grade Boys

40 Yd. Dash

1. Bruce Crowder II,

    Donaldson Way.

2. John Tamayo Jr., Napa Junction.

3. Mitch Conforti, Canyon Oaks.

4th Grade Girls

200 Yd. Shuttle Relay

1. Elise Lewis, Jennifer Massie, Jessica Poehleman, Tess Sullivan, Canyon Oaks.

2. Sage Gundlfinger, Paige Glover, Daniela DeLeon, Nadia Chavez, Snow.

3. Jessica Nogueron, Nora Barcenos, Natalie Cigarroa, Melissa Contreras, Shearer.

5th Grade Girls

200 Yd. Shuttle Relay

1. Itzel Gonzalez, Annabelle Lopez, Cassandra West, Deysi Rodriquez, Phillips.

2. Mariette Blume, Eliosa Alvarez, Maria Martinez, Olivia Prado, NVLA.

3. Melanie Margolati, Cierra Peterson, Nayeli Basulto, Casey Harvey, Donaldson Way.

4th Grade Boys

200 Yd. Shuttle Relay

1. Miguel Calderon, Quinn McMichael, Reuben Meza, Sebastian Garcia Valle, Phillips.

2. Dylan Kaye, Davin Willholt, Northwood; Elijah Tecson, Sibbons Shrestha, Canyon Oaks.

3. Jordan Bergner, Joshua Brown, Danny Oyemakinde, Carson Yin, Donaldson Way.

5th Grade Boys

200 Yd. Shuttle Relay

1. Bruce Crowder II, Michael McIntyre, Anthony Sweeney, Allan Martinez, Donaldson Way.

2. Rene Herrera, John Oviatt, Brandon Perez, Raymondo Cabrera, Phillips.

4th Grade

Combo 200 Yd. Shuttle Relay

1. Andres De la Rosa, Daniela De Leon,  Ricky Vincent, Sage Gundlfinger, Snow.

2. Jessica Nicolas, Sibbons Shrestha, Tess Sullivan, Elijah Tecson, Canyon Oaks.

3. Jessica Poehleman, Canyon Oaks; Reuben Meza, Phillips; Jordan Bergner, Lilandra Lipari, Donaldson Way.

5th Grade

Combo 200 Yd. Shuttle Relay

1. Nayeli Basulto, Casey Harvey, Allan Martinez, Bruce Crowder II, Donaldson Way.

2. Annabella Lopez, Cassandra West, Brandon Perez, Raymondo Cabrera, Phillips.

3. Abigail del Rosario, Martina Yturralde, Mitch Conforti, Davon Middleton, Canyon Oaks.


1. Snow

2. Phillips

3. Donaldson Way


4th Grade Girls Relay, Jacobsen Trophy, Canyon Oaks.

4th Grade Boys Relay, Jacobsen Trophy, Phillips.

5th Grade Girls Relay, Efishoff Trophy, Phillips.

5th Grade Boys Relay, Templin Trophy, Donaldson Way.

4th Grade Relay Combo, Greenlaw Trophy, Snow.

5th Grade Relay Combo, McDonald Trophy, Donaldson Way.

Tug-of-War, Cochran/Tellez Trophy, Snow; Participation Plaque, Northwood.

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