You may know him as Dr. Noah Drake Of "General Hospital" or Pastor Charles of "American Horror Story," but Rick Springfield is also the Grammy-award winner performer of "Jessie's Girl" and other Top 40 hits.

He will perform  at the Uptown Theater on Sunday, April 29. Tickets go on sale on Friday, March 9 at noon.

Springfield starred opposite Meryl Streep in the feature film "Ricki and the Flash," and also was cast as the creepy Dr. Pitlor in HBO’s drama "True Detective," as Lucifer on the CW hit, "Supernatural."

In 2014, Springfield received with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, located around the corner from the first apartment he lived in when he arrived in the U.S. from Australia in 1971.

In his album, “The Snake King,” Springfield departs from the power pop he has been known for to explore the blues side of his rock 'n' roll.