Vintage High School presents “The Ghosts of Rhodes Manor” on Nov. 17 and 18.

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The Vintage High School Theatre Department presents their annual fall production “The Ghost of Rhodes Manor,” written by Jean Lee Latham, under the direction of new drama teacher Frank Varni.

“The Ghost of Rhodes Manor” is a murder mystery set in the late 1930s in a Victorian mansion rumored to be haunted by the ghost of Agnes Shaw as the site of her demise.

Eight women find themselves trapped in the eerie and labyrinth-like Rhodes Manor one fateful autumn night in which tensions run high, people go missing, secrets rise to the surface, and death is seemingly always nearby.

An anonymous fan letter informs famous mystery writer Helen Underwood, along with her two secretaries, Mary Fitzgerald and Glory, of the potential stories and Gothic fodder available with some first-hand exposure in a haunted house.

The female trio — played by Hannah Ghiringhelli, Emma Hall, and Maria Teixeira — travel to a remote rural town to spend a weekend in the strange manor. Even before the trio arrives, a cryptic pair with murky motives precedes them: the tough and street-wise Marcia Stone, (Jane U’ren) and Alda Iverson, a skilled Transylvanian hypnotist (Paola Machuca).

Unfolding in real time, the plot thickens as Deborah Cass (Nena Connell), the cantankerous caretaker, left in charge of the manor by Mrs. Rhodes (Linda Diaz), the haughty but absentee owner of the manor and the cursed Rhodes fortune both stumble upon the intruders and attempt to remove them from the house using any means necessary.

Tillie Van Winkle, played by Lily Renspurger, a spry old journalist with a knack for poking around in areas that don’t concern her, and Biddy Hagerty, played by Lauren Agans-Dominguez, the Sheriff of Linden County, both arrive and cause additional confusion. As the events of the forsaken evening unravel, many things go bump in the night, including the ghost of Agnes Shaw, played by Carolyn Kerruish, who seemingly has all of her victims right where she wants them and is prepared to wreak havoc.

“The Ghost of Rhodes Manor” will have its final performances on Friday, Nov. 17, and Saturday, Nov. 18, at 7 p.m. at the Vintage High School Little Theatre, 1375 Trower Ave., Napa.

Tickets, which are available at the door, are $8 for adults and $5 for children and all students under 18. See if you and your friends can solve the mystery — before another woman disappears!