Craig Smith, executive director of the Downtown Napa Association, is now a published novelist.

Smith will read from “Lies That Bind – How Do You Arrest Somebody Who Doesn’t Exist” (Frankie’s World Publication, $15.95) at 7 p.m., on Tuesday, Dec. 12, at Napa Bookmine, where the book will be available.

“Lies That Bind” is a mystery novel, set in Napa, in which things go south for Police Officer Danny Garcia after he and his partner are involved in a fatal shooting.

Garcia shows signs of PTSD, his girlfriend throws him out, and he’s taken off patrol and assigned to desk duty. But then he becomes suspicious of a local priest, and despite orders from his chief, Garcia begins his own investigation. If Danny is going to prove the priest’s guilt, he’s going to have to do so from his desk, relying on help from his estranged, alcoholic brother and a bishop who wants him thrown off the force.

Smith said the fictional work was inspired by a story he heard, and, being a native North Carolina storyteller at heart, he decided to turn it into his first novel.

Napa Bookmine is at 964 Pearl St., Napa.