Future Jennifer has BIG plans for 2018.

And why not? As I write this, it’s mid-December. Jan. 1 seems weeks away. Anything’s possible! The sky’s the limit!

My 2018 resolutions:

1. Be more patient with our girls.

God knows they don’t mean to be so… 17, 20 and 23. I need to remember how clueless I was at those same ages. There was no planning, just get up and go. Every day oozed with possibility. Kids that age don’t have careers and responsibility and health insurance deductibles. I should give them a break.

2. Be more “Napa Valley.”

I live in a world-famous wine country. Why am I not going on balloon rides, sipping Champagne, hanging out at truffle festivals and eating at Morimoto/Redd Wood/Rutherford Grill every Saturday night? I need to start living large, like all the other #NapaValley Instagrammers.

3. Turn our master bedroom into Pinterest-worthy retreat.

Paint the walls with a pop of color, get new bedding with coordinating but not matchy-matchy pillows.

Install window treatments and fix that broken window blind that currently requires a rolled-up yoga mat to hold it up. Also, patch holes where shelves broke off in the earthquake. Yes, it’s been three years, but we all know how long it takes to patch holes. For-EVER, apparently.

4. Eat better. Skip all Nutrigrain bar breakfasts, Lean Cuisine lunches and dinners involving defrosting.

Pack Mason jar layered salad lunches. Eat quinoa. Actually, first find out what quinoa is, then eat it. Make vegan breakfast bowls with artfully arranged fruit, yogurt and chia seeds. Act like I have eaten chia seeds before.

Stop eating so many cookies after dinner. Stop. eating. so. many. damn. cookies.

5. Do more stuff with just my husband NO KIDS ALLOWED. There was a reason we got married in the first place. We liked each other back then. We still like each other, but after 23 years of raising a family there’s definitely less couple time than family time. Start with flashback tour of all of our old haunts in San Francisco. Re-enact engagement proposal at the Wave Organ in the Marina. Document with Facebook video.

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6. Everyone keeps talking about how important “the core” is. The core this, the core, that... In 2018, I will engage my core. I will figure out how to not hate sit-ups so much. I will master the 60-second plank. I will plank sideways, I will plank upside down. I will PLANK MY ASS OFF.

7. Spend more time on my Spanish homework, rather than just copying from the answer key in the back of the book. Stop slacking off and memorize past, present and future conjugations of all the important verbs like eat, cook, shop and buy.

8. Dust the house every week. Seriously. When I was growing up, dusting was like a full-time job on Saturday morning.

When was the last time I dusted in our house? Let’s just say I have provided a wonderfully cozy home for millions of dust mites. Huffman squad goals: evict all dust mites in 2018. Be ruthless.

And lastly:

9. Get real. We moms like to act like we are ALL THAT, but honestly, who has time to be Martha Stewart? She probably hasn’t cleaned a toilet in 30 years.

How about settle for being Pretty Good On Most Days and Exceptional On Occasion. Stop beating myself up over unpainted walls, dusty furniture and a flabby core.

And if all else fails, there’s always 2019.

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