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You’d think that with the plethora of restaurants in our valley that I’d be wanting for nothing as a foodie. Not so. My restaurant wish list is really very simple, however.

Italy is a country rich with rituals. Customs and beliefs have been handed down generation to generation for centuries.

One of the things on my “makes me crazy” list is when labeling is misleading or incorrect.

Word of the day: “unctuous.” From the Latin word “unctus,” which means “anointed with oil.”

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During the last two months, have you found yourself drawn to nibbling cookie dough, craving Cheetos or sitting with a spoon and a jar of Skippy? Me, too.

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The ties between food and film run deep, whether it’s Lady and the Tramp sharing spaghetti and meatballs, a food fight in “Animal House” or dinner with Andre. The Napa Valley Film Festival, opening this week on Nov. 8 and running through Nov. 12 builds on this connection with parties, culina…

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Finding myself temporarily in a new neighborhood during the current local challenges — I, like many, had to flee my home during the fires — I am discovering new things.

In the Italian culinary universe, there is a rule that dates to ancient times: Don’t waste food by discarding what may have another use.

The cuisine of Piemonte is sumptuous and zesty, much like the renowned wines of the region, Barolo, Barbaresco and Barbera.

Asparagus is one of the first vegetables to herald spring. As soon as the ground defrosts, this flowering perennial emerges. The strength of the root system allows the spears to be pushed up several inches per day.

There seems to be something special for prospective retirees about the 83-acre ranch located in the southern reaches of Napa Valley.

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Chef Cristian Borchi would put the Energizer Bunny to shame. In addition to being the maestro-chef and instructor for the guests of my “Let’s Go Cook Italian” tours, he is the owner of Ristorante Locanda L’Antica Porta Levante in Vicchio, Tuscany and the Passaguai Cibo 3 Vino wine and snack …

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Joe, brew, cuppa, morning jolt, leaded, unleaded or just java. No matter what you call it, coffee is a staple in most homes, regardless of where you live.

What do the following movies have in common? The Marx Brothers’ “Night At The Opera”, “Goodfellas” and Walt Disney’s “Lady And The Tramp”?

“My grandma used to make that” is what we often hear when a cozy casserole arrives at the table. I absolutely love casseroles.

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I first became acquainted with persimmons when I purchased the Ink House B & B back in the ‘90s. I’d seen them, of course, but have to admit I’d never tasted one until well into my adult years.

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Opening day of Dungeness crab season of Nov. 15 held good news for folks hoping for their annual crab during the upcoming holidays.

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Have you ever wondered about the difference between Meyer lemons and regular lemons?

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A visit to the Napa Valley can change your life. I say this with certainty because this happened to me. Once an annual visitor, I’ve now been a resident for 25-plus years.

You are invited to a dinner party and have been asked to bring wine. This simple request can send a person into a wine-selection dither.

This year marks the 100th birthday of a guy most of us know and some of us love — Mr. Peanut. Although only 1.48 ounces at a height of 2.87 inches, he is a giant among men in the peanut world.

The Prunus persica, a deciduous tree native to Northwest China, was first domesticated and cultivated in the 10th century. These trees bear one of the incredible lush fruits of summer, the peach.

Crispy, crunchy, chilled and with a kaleidoscope of color to charm your guests or simply pretty up your al fresco picnic table, Italian-inspired summer salads are easy and fresh.

The Winter Fancy Food Show 2016 boasted record-breaking attendance with nearly 20,000 attendees, 1,500 exhibitors, and more than 1,000 new products. Held in San Francisco, this is the largest specialty food trade show on the West Coast.

When moms get together, conversation intertwines shared anecdotes about kids, the challenges of being the mom, how it is and how it was.

Chips are my guilty pleasure. If I had to create a “last meal” they would be included on the menu. Yes, with all the glorious foods I’m privileged to savor, the alluring chip holds a special place in my pantry.

I can’t remember a time when I did not love the movies. My earliest memories include being spirited out of bed by my mother.

Truth be told, not all holiday traditions are ones we look forward to. For many of us the season includes the annual family tradition of heading south on I-5 to visit loved ones.