News and notes from the Napa Farmers Market. The Napa Farmers Market takes place on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., May through October, in the parking lot of the South Napa Century Center, 195 Gasser Drive, Napa. 

When the wildfires began to subside and we began to plan for recovery, the Napa Valley wine business came to an interesting and provocative conclusion: that in asking for help, it was OK to ask for peoples’ business.

If you have a hard time finding the perfect holiday gifts for friends, remember that the ideal place to shop is at the Napa Farmers’ Market. Think about it. Everything is local. Everything is handmade. Everything is awesome.

My original intention was to write about the wonderful and much anticipated change of season to the cooler weather of the fall. However, after the tragedy that has befallen the Napa Valley community, I decided to change my focus slightly.

Our traumatized community has some recovery to do. Even those of us who suffered no lasting damage won’t soon forget the emotions we felt about possibly losing our homes and the stressful days of not knowing what the future might hold.

People who know me know I’m a yogurt fan. Maybe “addict” is more accurate. Forgive the double negative, but I never don’t have yogurt in the fridge. That would be like running out of coffee, which, in my world, is a crisis.

At this time of year, the Napa Farmers Market is brimming with all varieties of eggplant. This is the season to enjoy eggplant, and my favorite way is the northern Italian version of the classic eggplant parmigiana.

I’ve been enjoying fresh tomatoes for several months. Now I am starting to think about preserving some of these wonderful veggies (or fruits if you want to be technical) for the months when fresh, locally grown tomatoes are not available.

People start their own business for many reasons. Some say they didn’t want to work for anyone else. I just wanted to create tasty cookies and was hoping they would make people happy.

“If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

As a food writer and enthusiastic cook, making dinner is often the highlight of my day. My husband puts on some music, I pour us each a glass of wine and I get into “the zone.” For me, the zone is that mental space where I am totally in the moment, not thinking about some annoying thing that…

As we head into the dog days of summer, you’ll want something simple to make that’s cool and refreshing. There is nothing like a fruit soup, which is traditional in Scandinavia but less common here. For complexity, add some pickled berries. The tangy berries balance the naturally sweet straw…

I am always amazed by the abundance and variety of what’s for sale at the Napa Farmers Market. From peaches to beans to eggs, everything is in season and fresh. Don’t worry, apple lovers. This year’s crop will be harvested soon and back for you to buy.

It’s hard for me to believe but we’re approaching the midway point in the Napa Farmers Market season already. Time flies when you’re having a good time.

Cucumbers are always with us, so we tend to take them for granted. But the peak season for local cukes is now, so it’s the moment to show these unglamorous vegetables some respect. Your summer salads are about to get a whole lot better.

I know, I know, this is the wine country. The last thing anyone around here wants to do is to rethink their drink. But maybe some of you are looking for a change or some ideas to brighten up your daily beverage.

Happy Fourth of July! The Napa Farmers Market is open, at the summer season’s height and complete with all your favorite Tuesday vendors. Come down and find all your favorite traditional Fourth of July favorites for your table in a one-stop, family-friendly shopping environment.

We are fortunate to live in the Napa Valley with peach orchards nearby. We can enjoy juicy, tree-ripened peaches from May to September.

I once was served for dessert, a plum, sliced and arranged beautifully on the plate with nothing else. This was shortly after moving to Napa. The restaurant was Alice Waters’ Chez Panisse in Berkeley. I was with my wife and a friend who was visiting us.

Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 18. According to Wikipedia, Father’s Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds and the influence of fathers in society. The United States’ first Father’s Day was celebrated in the state of Washington in 1910. Today Fath…

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Farmers are likely some of the most creative and resilient types of people. It’s a necessary characteristic in this line of work. Or at least that’s what I tell myself when I walk through the field and only see what needs to be done and what isn’t maturing on time. I have to figure out how t…

If you have seen the movie “Forrest Gump,” you probably remember the scene where Bubba tells Forrest about all the ways you can prepare and serve shrimp—shrimp creole, shrimp and grits, shrimp salad, shrimp gumbo and a host of others.

The winter and spring weather has been a challenge for many farmers in Northern California. After years of drought, many farms faced flooding, wet soil, unusual pests and diseases due to excess moisture, and delayed planting times.

When I was a kid growing up in rural Minnesota in the 1950s, mushrooms came in a can—except for the brief period in the summer when one could pick morels in wooded areas. As the self-proclaimed expert on which mushrooms were safe for human consumption, my dad always led these mushroom-gather…

To me, there is nothing worse than having to go the grocery store to shop for a meal. And now, with the Napa Farmers’ Market in full swing, I don’t have to. How lucky we are to have a great selection of locally grown and locally made goods right at our fingertips every Tuesday and Saturday m…

I relive a lifetime of memories during my Saturday morning visits to the Napa Farmers’ Market. I check my tires, attach my bags, hop on my bike, and pedal down the River Trail to the sights and sounds, the people, the colors, aromas, and flavors—and to my memories of vagabond visits to marke…

At the opening of the Napa Farmers Market on April 15, I was pleasantly surprised to find early-season strawberries. I bought a three-pack to take home for school lunches and snacks. Thank you, Kenwood Strawberry Patch!

As we approach Earth Day celebrations around the valley and the globe, I would like to share with you one of the greatest blessings you can give our planet: the gift of shopping local.

It’s always a sad time when the Napa Farmers’ Market ends for the season. Without the market, the availability of local, farm-fresh food is greatly diminished, although thanks to CSA (community-supported agriculture), you can still get produce from local growers at various drop points in Nap…

This year the Napa Farmers’ Market welcomed a number of new farmers. They all are local farms, a positive sign that people are still choosing to farm and feed us locals.

Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year. I love when the leaves start to turn colors on the vines and trees. Makes me miss my home state of Pennsylvania just a little bit. There is nothing more beautiful than the leaves changing color in the East this time of year.

Indian summer has arrived along with the last month of the Napa Farmers Market. Early mornings are cool and dark now. For a farmers market vendor, this means scarves and vests during set-up time. The moon is often still visible as we get our stalls together. Recently, we have been fortunate …

The Napa Farmers Market season has been passing by quickly this year, and the transition time from summer’s bounty to the fall season is just about to start.

Yes, it is true. Thursday marks the autumn solstice, and with that we will see a clear transition of the produce at the Napa Farmers Market.

This is the time of year I start getting a little nervous. The days are shorter, the slant of the sun is a little different and Saturday, Oct. 29, seems just around the corner. That’s the last Napa Farmers Market of the year, which means all the wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables we’ve be…

Every year, I cannot wait for tomato season to begin. It makes me so happy to know that I will have a quick-fix dinner with no oven to turn on and just the slicing of a knife.

Some of my favorite pasta sauces are the ones you don’t have to cook, like pesto. Who doesn’t love that fragrant blend of basil, garlic and pine nuts?

Although I initially had my reservations about the new location of the Napa Farmers Market, I have come to celebrate it as much, if not more, than just about everyone else. I love the abundance of parking, the proximity to Napa’s middle-class neighborhoods and the easy accessibility for farm…

Recently, two new farms joined the Napa Farmers Market. I was excited because they brought something to the market that we didn’t have—particularly on Saturdays—and that was meat. As a devoted carnivore, I love lamb and beef, and now the market provides everything my wife and I need for dinner.

What does the Napa Farmers Market have in common with World Breastfeeding Week? If we look at the objectives of the market and the theme of World Breastfeeding Week, we can see similarities. Two of the market’s three objectives are: preserving the environment and providing a place for nonpro…

The Napa Farmers Market has been a reliable source of local, sustainably grown produce for 30 years. The market is WIC-certified and pressing forward with its application to, once again, accept and match CalFresh /EBT/ Food Stamps at the market.

It’s full speed ahead at the Napa Farmers Market as we make our way into midsummer. Vendor stalls are overflowing with melons, corn, eggs and tomatoes. After moving and adjusting to our new location in south Napa, I think we are hitting our groove.

The Napa Farmers Market is a California Certified Farmers’ Market committed to supporting local farmers and providing a space for the community to learn about and purchase farm-fresh, sustainably grown produce.

My family loves the holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas are a big deal, but as with many families, those holidays usually find all of us together only every other year. We especially have to share all of the nieces and nephews.

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This zucchini noodle salad is classic Italian: pretty, simple and chic. Not the words you usually associate with zucchini. The recipe was inspired by a version from a restaurant in Parma where the dish gets its flavor from farmstead organic Parmigiano-Reggiano.

Summer crops are almost here, but before the tomato and stone fruit craze begins at the Napa Farmers Market, there are some less-appreciated vegetables that deserve the spotlight or a spot on your dinner menu.

One of the great things about spring is that the food markets come alive. This has certainly been the case in Napa with the reopening of our wonderful farmers market. It is also true around the world.

I’m not a gadget person, but there are a few kitchen gadgets I can’t live without. Number 1 is my stainless bench scraper, a flat scoop that I use to transport prepped ingredients from my cutting board to the stove. Without my bench scraper, half the chopped onions would end up on the floor.…

This year, I eagerly awaited the opening of the Napa Farmers Market. I missed the fresh produce as much as I missed the friendly atmosphere and buzz of the marketplace. It’s an enjoyable way to spend time kibitzing with the farmers, sharing recipes and techniques with fellow shoppers.

My husband, Doug, and I have been putting produce first for a long time at our table. We are not vegetarians — we’re lifetime omnivores — but weeknight dinners at our house almost always center on seasonal produce. And the Napa Farmers Market is where my meal planning starts.

The Community Resilience Challenge is an annual effort to encourage communities to band together for greater strength and resiliency in the face of natural disaster. While the movement is strong in other local counties, such as Sonoma and Marin, Napa has faltered in its embrace of this state…

It seems like the last Napa Farmers Market was just a few days ago, but in reality it has been five months. With a new season about to begin on Tuesday, May 3, market manager Charlotte Billings and the market’s board of directors have been busy getting ready.

The theme for this year’s Food Day is “Toward a Greener Diet.” In Napa, the day will be celebrated on Saturday, Oct. 24, with festivities beginning at the farmers market.

Holiday shopping is just around the corner. One of the perks of being a vendor at the market this time of year is that, after I set up and stroll the market to get my produce, I can get some pre-holiday shopping done. We have some of the best specialty-food producers around, and I am going t…