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Everybody has an ideal breakfast, be it pancakes, yogurt, fruit salad, bacon and eggs or something completely different. I don’t eat meat at any meal, but I do love a good Mediterranean breakfast with vegetables, herbs, eggs and bread — all as fresh as can be.

One of my favorite breakfasts to make for the boys is the Israeli classic, shakshuka. Cooked in fragrant olive oil, fresh peppers, tomatoes and eggs are the foundation of the dish, with garlic and Mediterranean spices adding extra flavor. Fresh parsley makes a cool and colorful garnish.

By the way, the name “shakshuka” is just a made-up word for “shaken up” and this recipe is just a starting point for cooking it: There are many different ways to make shakshuka, including with cheese and greens. You can also feel free to scramble your eggs before mixing them in.

Our version of the traditional Moroccan blend called harissa is made with three different chilis along with coriander, garlic, salt and cumin. But you can season shakshuka any way you like: basic salt and pepper with some Italian herbs, for instance, or a dash of your favorite chili flakes — or chili sauce, for that matter. Maybe you’d rather sprinkle chopped cilantro or torn basil instead of parsley? Go for it.

Make this dish your own with your favorite ingredients, or prepare it with a different seasoning every time — shakshuka always makes a tasty, filling and nutritious meal. Add some good whole-grain bread and you’re set for the day.

Shuli’s Shakshuka Serves 4.

6 Tbsp. olive oil

7 sweet mini-peppers, cut in halves

5 whole jalapeño peppers

7 cloves garlic, chopped fine

3 Roma tomatoes, chopped

2 Tbsp. tomato paste

3 tsp. harissa

½ tsp. salt

¼ tsp. black pepper, ground

2 Tbs. chopped fresh parsley

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1½ cups water

7-8 eggs

Heat olive oil in a medium sauce pan. Add the jalapeño and sweet peppers.

Sauté for about five minutes, until peppers are slightly brown.

Add chopped garlic and tomato and sauté for eight minutes, until tomatoes are softened. Add tomato paste and spices: Harissa, salt and pepper. Add water and mix all ingredients well. Lastly, add chopped parsley.

Lower the heat and cover the sauce pan. Cook on low heat for an hour, mixing frequently to prevent burning.

When sauce is fully cooked, break the eggs over the top and make a little space between each egg. Cook for 10 minutes, until the eggs are set.

On each plate, serve one or two eggs with tomato sauce and peppers along with slices of bread or toast.

Shuli Madmone is the owner of Whole Spice at the Oxbow Public Market in Napa. Its products are also online at