• Georgeanne Brennan “My Culinary Journey – Food and Fetes of Provence”Yellow Pear Press, 2016

This is a rich, earthy spread, but also a healthy one. The amount of oil you will need to puree the mixture to a spreadable consistency will depend upon how much oil is in the olives and the tomatoes. I made this to use on Chef Garnier’s Tapenade Flatbreads, but any tapenade of your choice, …

This is my version of the recipe for the thin flatbread Chef Frédéric Garnier at the Bastide de Moustiers bakes brushed with a skim of tapenade. Served with a bowl of additional tapenade, the bread makes a tasty change from the typical toasts for tapenade.

The London branch of the Le Cordon Bleu cooking school created this sandwich filling in 1953 for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in London. The ingredients represent the various parts of the British Commonwealth.

Amanda Elkins, chef at the Crown & Crumpet Tea Salon, shared recipes for what she calls “superbly tasty tea sandwiches.”

  • Kevin VanBlarcum and Eddie Davis 'Grilled Cheese & Beer'

2 slices whole wheat bread

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  • Cristian Borchi

Using the recipe for Tuscan bread, break off 2 inches pieces and drop a few at a time into about 3 inches of hot olive oil. Do not allow oil to smoke.

  • The Gatehouse Restaurant CIA Greystone

At The Gatehouse, diners are served about 2 ounces of sliced cured salmon along with an apple fennel salad. Accompanying elements include a potato crepe and tarragon sauce. The recipes for both salmon and salad are included today.

  • Bistro Don Giovanni

A recipe from the family of Bistro Don Giovanni founder Giovanni Scala, this is a porcini and sausage ragu that pairs beautifully with fettuccine. The recipe should yield about 2 1/2 quarts of sauce, just right for a meal for a large family or family and friends. You will need about 4 pounds…

  • Georgeanne Brennan

Moules au Pastis A woman from Marseille first taught me to cook mussels. Good, fresh mussels, garlic, and wine are the main ingredients. As the mussels open and release their briny juices the broth is created. The mussels are cooked through as soon as they open, so don’t overcook them or the…