Josefina Adriance, author of “Spanish for the Wine Industry,” has teamed up with the online education site Quizlet to offer a new element to her program for people wanting to learn useful Spanish for work in the wine world.

Now, with the purchase of her books, which also include a new edition of “English-Spanish Dictionary for the Wine Industry,” Adriance provides access to a series of 25 lessons she has created on Quizlet to reinforce the vocabulary in her books.

“It’s fun,” said Adriance, a native of Spain who lives in the Napa Valley. After working as a translator and teacher, she developed her Spanish for the Wine Industry program to address the need for the highly specific vocabulary of the wine industry, including words used in vineyards and wineries that are not typically found in basic Spanish lessons.

She uses her manual, “Spanish for the Wine Industry” in classes she teaches at Napa Valley wineries, although it is designed for independent study as well and includes a CD for audio backup.

The Quizlet lessons provide six additional study modes, which are written and spoken. Flashcards is a updated version of the familiar classroom tool. Learn, Test and Speller focus on basic skills while allowing users to track their progress. Then, for a lighter approach, Quizlet includes two games, Scatter and Space race, using the same vocabulary.

A sample of a lesson is available by visiting the website. Quizlet also includes a free iPhone Ap, said Adriance who founded Spanish for Business in 1992. In addition to “Spanish for the Wine Industry,” she has published a Spanish version, “Inglés Para La Industria Vitivinícola,” as well as “Spanish for the Hospitality Industry.”

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She has just published a third edition of her dictionary, adding 800 new words. “I am always searching for new words to include,” Adriance said.

The books are also available through her website,