Register photographer Lisa James went up on Spring Mountain to witness a night harvest, which this year marks the 140th anniversary of the planting of the mountain vineyards.

Spring Mountain today is an 845-acre estate on the eastern slopes and lower half of Spring Mountain that was created from historic properties first planted in the 19th century

The uppermost property, La Perla, was founded in 1873 by Charles Lemme and expanded by the Schilling Spice family. Here, the first cabernet sauvignon was planted on Spring Mountain. The old winery is still standing today, and much of its original equipment, including horse-drawn carriages and wagons, can be found there.

Below La Perla, Frederick and Jacob Beringer planted an assortment of grape varieties on terraced hillsides in 1882.

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North of the Beringer vineyard, a Frenchman, Fortune Chevalier, built Chateau Chevalier and began making wine in 1891. Next door, Tiburcio Parrott, who grew olives, citrus and grapes, built a grand home on the estate that he named Miravalle.

Although the boundaries and names have changed since then, much of what was done 140 years ago remains today.