Good morning. Let’s think about winding down the month of September and entering the autumn month of October.

It’s exciting for me to be bringing you several new events for seniors in both September and October.

The first event we’ll be talking about will come to you via a meeting of the Napa County Commission on Aging, which will be meeting in the Board of Supervisors Chambers, 1195 Third Street, Napa at 2 p.m.

You are invited to attend the unveiling of an exciting new website during the agenda item, “Speakers and Presenters”.

The presenters will be Celine Regalia, Director of Operation of Collabria Care, and Tara Blakely, Supervising Staff Services Assistant with CSOA (Comprehensive Services for Older Adults).

The benefits of this Website are that it will give seniors an online information place to ask question and get answers. It’s also tailor-made for families and agencies concerned with aging and disabilities.

We’ll have more information for you next month, but do come and learn on Sept. 25. See you there.

Our next fun activity will be the celebration of the 6th Annual Event of Celebrating our Seniors. Saturday, Oct. 14, 2017 is the date and the time is 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

This year, the theme is: “Celebrating the Power of Age, 2017 CIRQUE DE NAPA, with Yvonne Baginski chairing the event, as she did for our very first year.”

This will mark the first event that will be a fundraiser, but let’s let Yvonne tell us all about October’s event:

Yvonne: “We are Celebrating the Power of Age, with a 2017 Cirque de Napa event for older adults and their families, at Chardonnay Hall at Napa Expo Fairgrounds. Entertainment for the day includes Betty Buttons the Clown, Wine Country Aerialists, the Bubble Show, Bleeding Heart Dancers, Wild Cat Adventures, Boots and Belles, Lots of Music and over 50 tables of information and support for older adults.”

Tickets are just $3 for people over age 50 and $5 for everyone else. Tickets will be available at the door, or can be reserved in advance by calling: 492-3198.

“There will also be plenty of food, a silent auction of celebrity items, a magic show, dancing, Arts & Crafts and games.”

“In its sixth year, the Celebration has evolved into a fundraiser for ‘Share the Care Napa Valley’, which is a newly formed nonprofit agency specifically targeted to advocate for the needs of older adults in the Napa Valley.”

“In just three years, almost 900 older adults and their families have received assistance with everything from help setting up phones/computers, to completing paperwork, guidance through the health care decisions, finding services, getting rides, finding help at home, and just about anything a family member normally assists with over time.”

“Our core of eight volunteers build relationships with friendly visits, and assist with just about anything anyone needs. Most of the people we see are either without family, or everyone lives too far away or, they have cognitively declined and neighbors/friends are concerned and don’t know where to turn for help.”

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“Share the Care provides dental care assistance; evening meals after a hospital say and help with downsizing/organizing in planning for a move. The program is totally funded by private grants and donations, and isn’t reliant on state or government funds. This gives the staff more flexibility in responding to what people actually need, rather than what a funding source dictates.”

“Share the Care also sponsors a Recycle Medical Equipment/Supply Program making free supplies available to anyone in need. These supplies include adult diapers, colostomy items, wound care gauze and dressings, under pads, hospital beds, nutritional supplements and just about anything that someone else might be able to use. Scooters and lift chairs are also accepted.”

“Also, we are always looking for volunteers, and donations. People call us for everything...when they need a particular item, a piece of furniture, food, linens...there is always something we can find. Our friendly visits, too, keep an eye on things because as changes occur, we want to make sure to avert a crisis. Sometimes a fall changes everything.”

Thank you, Yvonne. Congratulations on the fine job that you and Share the Care are doing for our elderly and disabled, as well as the excellent job you continue to do as Chair of this event. Let’s give everyone your telephone number so they can call about volunteering, or if they need help. 707-492-3198.

Number 3 on our Hit Parade of fun and interesting things to do is the StopFalls Napa Valley’s first Annual Fall Prevention and Awards Ceremony, which will be held at Rohllfs Manor, Concordia Building Dining Room, 2435 Sutherland Dr., on Monday, Oct. 16, 2017. Time: 9 a.m. to noon.

We’ll have more for you next month on the StopFalls event.

As always, it’s so nice having you with us in the Corner. I hope to see you at at least a couple of the above events.

Enjoy each new day, and we’ll visit again next week.