Napa interior designer Patti L. Cowger began writing her column, Demystifying Design in 2012 in the Napa Valley Register.

Now she has collected 40 of her favorite columns in a book that combines her love of design, writing and animals.

Her new book “Demystifying Design,” contains 152 pages filled with 40 of her favorite columns along with 64 color photos and quotes that inspire her creativity.

All proceeds from sales will go to Napa Humane, the Humane Society of Napa County.

The topics include art, color, fabric, and furnishings to architecture, remodeling and exterior landscaping. Some columns introduce readers to her clients and recount their stories of working together on projects.

Each book is $25 and includes tax and shipping within the continental United States. For details about the book, to see inside images, or to order, email Patti at