A family that owns rental properties in Napa County has agreed to pay $13,750 in penalties to settle a dispute with the county District Attorney’s Office regarding rental properties, including two in Angwin, according to court records.

In December, Jagodinka Alimpic, John Benjamin Alimpic and other family members also agreed to pay $4,265 to settle the alleged violations, according to the court documents filed Jan. 18 in Napa County Superior Court.

The District Attorney’s Office alleged the Alimpics rented a property that lacked adequate heating, installed a wall without a building permit and failed to obtain a grading permit, among other allegations in the complaint. The Angwin properties cited in the complaint are at 400 College Ave. and 400 Howell Mountain Road, according to the proposed final judgment.

Under the agreement reached in December and January, the Alimpics agreed to a number of terms, including:

• Applying for building permits as required under the California Building Code and the California Residential Code.

• Not renting or leasing buildings that are unsafe or a public nuisance.

• Stopping commercial use of the property on College Avenue.

• Obtaining a building permit and removing an illegal trellis at the property.

• Allowing the Napa County Building Department to inspect the College Avenue and Howell Mountain Road properties.

The Alimpics’ attorney, James R. Rose of St. Helena, said his clients settled to avoid a trial that would have cost five times as much.

The family, whom the county sued after a tenant complained, has fixed the alleged code violation, he said, including strapping a water heater and removing the trellis wall.

“There wasn’t a lot here,” Rose said of the allegations.

Had his clients won at trial, they would not have been able to recoup attorney fees, he noted.

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