Volunteers for a Napa nonprofit group say a dog disappeared Saturday while at a weekly pet adoption fair outside the Jefferson Street Petco.

The canine, a 9-year-old male Pomeranian named Bubbles, went missing during an event staged by Whiskers, Tails & Ferals, according to Linda Blake, a volunteer with the adoption group.

Blake said members suspect the animal, which another volunteer adopted out of a shelter about three months ago, was stolen toward the end of the adoption event, which Whiskers, Tails & Ferals holds every Saturday outside the pet-supply store at 3284 Jefferson St.

“Bubbles does not run; he stays with the people he wants to be with,” she said Wednesday. “We were all there with him; how someone could take him, I don’t know.”

The missing dog may be in danger because he has a collapsing trachea and requires medication to prevent it from closing and triggering suffocation, according to Blake. Bubbles was wearing a blue step-in harness with an orange-brown argyle pattern when last seen, she said.

About 40 dogs and cats were taken to the adoption event, where about a dozen people usually are present at one time, Blake said.

Napa Police Capt. Jeff Troendly confirmed the department received a report of the missing dog from Whiskers volunteers on Monday, but had no information on whether the pet was abducted or vanished.

Anyone with information on the dog’s whereabouts is asked to call Whiskers, Tails & Ferals at 258-2287.

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linda blake
linda blake

Thank you Howard and the Napa Register for Featuring Bubbles Story. I believe it is because of your story that we have him back and in good health. So many people put an effort into finding Bubbles. Our volunteers posted flyers, contacted the vet offices,wrote and checked the lost and found ads, checked Craigslist for Bubbles, some even drove around hoping to get a glimpse of his happy little face. It was a sad and painful week not knowing but we can all enjoy a happy ending and know he is home safe. Thank you to everyone who helped out and prayed for his safe return.. Linda


Thank you, lovesatailwind but that was not Bubbles. The shelter immediately checked, but that dog did not have a microchip. They contacted us to look and verify anyway, but it was not him. HOWEVER Bubbles was turned into the shelter about an hour ago, and his foster mom has already picked him up. Bubbles is home. YAY!! Thnak you to the Napa Valley Register and reporter Howard Yune for helping us spread our message to get this dog safely home.


This little guy showed up on my friends doorstep early Wednesday morning. She dropped him off at the animal shelter yesterday as there had been a report of a missing pomeranian. I hope he's back home.


Wonderful people helping animals
And awful people ruining such a careing event

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