Napa Christian School’s future includes a larger academic building — and the sale of part of its campus.

The city Planning Commission on Thursday signed off on property line changes that allow the Seventh-day Adventist school to split its campus at 2201 Pine St. School directors plan to raze four classroom and office buildings and move its operations into a two-story, 26,071-square-foot replacement, along with adding a new athletic field and storage building.

The 3.25 acres at Napa Christian’s south end are slated for sale to Napa County, which plans to add it to its Health and Human Services center. The parcel is home to the school’s current sports field, which will be supplanted by a smaller field on the academy’s remaining 5.24-acre site.

In addition to housing Napa Christian’s students from kindergarten through 12th grade, the new central building would host a preschool program directors plan to add.

Two homes in the 2100 block of Pine Street also are to be acquired by the school and torn down to make room for the remade campus. Fifty-eight parking spaces would be split between two lots, one west of the new central building along Pine Street and the other south of the gymnasium, which will remain.

Commissioners unanimously approved the lot-line changes, adding requirements to preserve any trees that do not interfere with building foundations.

Groundbreaking is scheduled for June, shortly after the end of the school year, according to Napa Christian Principal Greg Coryell. Buildings will be torn down and built in stages to allow the school to remain open throughout the project, Ryan Gregory, vice president of the Riechers Spence & Associates engineering firm, told commissioners.

Todd Meginness, a Napa resident whose daughter is a second grader at Napa Christian, said the school’s ability to replace its aging quarters and profit from a land sale are crucial to its future.

“This economic environment has caused a downturn in enrollment just as the building gets older and older,” he said of Napa Christian, which has 141 students. “It’s been a bit discouraging, and I hope this is enough to save our school and let my daughter attend for the next 10 years.”

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The school is selling land to Napa County, not Napa City.

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