A man who was taken from Domaine Chandon to the Napa Crisis Center was later arrested on suspicion of assault and other charges as he was being released from the center, the Napa County Sheriff’s Office said.

Around 10:30 a.m. Thursday, Aaron Andrew Cerda, a 22-year-old Napa resident, was transported to the Crisis Center from the Yountville winery after he allegedly caused a disturbance by throwing bottles, yelling and saying things that reportedly made no sense, authorities said. Around 12:30, as he was to be discharged from the crisis center, Cerda allegedly became agitated again and slapped and threw his boyfriend to the ground.

He also allegedly threw magazines around the crisis center and “put a good sized dent into a patrol car” after he allegedly banged his head into the deputy’s trunk, Capt. Tracey Stuart said. When deputies tried to arrest him, Cerda allegedly spit on them.

Cerda was arrested on suspicion of domestic battery, a felony, and misdemeanor charges of vandalism and resisting arrest, the sheriff’s office said. He was booked into the Napa jail.

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Its seems this is some kind of secert coded message or some kind elite person. There is at least one felony here. And it seems there would be a restatution bill to be paid to the winery and crisis unit and the patrol car, so and a domestic violence charge on theone of the two gay men.


No healthy person acts like that. I hope he's getting a mental checkup.

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