Almost four weeks after suffering a major brain injury in a crash in Las Vegas, Sean Patrick Lyle, a 24-year-old lifelong Napan, remains in a coma at a rehabilitation center in Marin County with an uncertain prognosis.

Lyle and a friend, Ashley Younger, 25, also of Napa, were walking early in the morning of Feb. 23 near the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino when they were hit by a vehicle, their families said. They had been visiting Las Vegas with friends.

Lyle’s parents, Ed and Susan Lyle, said they do not have details on the crash. Contacted Wednesday, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department could not offer details about the incident.

Younger is recovering at home after spending six days in the hospital, her mother, Lisa Simpson, said Wednesday. Her daughter, a waiter at Tra Vigne in St. Helena, does not remember the crash, she said.

Sean Lyle is a waiter at Étoile restaurant at Domaine Chandon who graduated from Napa High School in 2007. He is an enthusiastic snowboarder, disc golfer and sky diver, friends and family said.

Friends and acquaintances are coming forward to offer support, donate cash and organize fundraisers, as Lyle’s medical bills have already exceeded $500,000 and continue to pile up. So far, about $7,000 has been raised. Many of his costs will be covered under his father’s insurance but there are co-pays, the family said.

Sean Lyle was transported from Las Vegas to Marin County by ambulance last week, 16 days after the incident. The nearly 600-mile trip, which was not covered by the insurance, cost $5,000, said Ed Lyle. He and his wife now commute daily to Marin County to be with him.

To help cover the expenses and to give updates on Sean’s slow recovery, Sean’s siblings, Curtis and Megan, have set up a Facebook account under “Sean Patrick Lyle.” The page has a link to a account to raise money for Sean’s expenses.

The family is grateful for the outpouring of support as more people learn that their son has been injured, Ed Lyle said. “So (much) good has come out of this tragedy,” said the retired firefighter/paramedic.

Since the crash, friends have distributed dozens of flyers to raise funds to help his family with expenses. Norman Rose Tavern on First Street and Azzuro Pizzeria on Main Street on Wednesday donated 15 percent of customer tabs to the family.

Last weekend, a garage sale organized at the home of a friend raised more than $3,000, thanks to donations from friends and strangers. Organizers sold about 400 homemade tamales at $1 each in about an hour, said Adrian Trejo, who met Lyle in the first grade at Napa Valley Language Academy and helped organize the two-day garage sale. His mother, Carmen, made the tamales with other women, he said.

Curtis Lyle, an electrician in Napa, said coworkers, family members and friends came to the garage sale. “It was packed,” he said. “Kids were out there waving signs,” he said.

More fundraisers are being planned, supporters said.

“It was a tragic, tragic accident that could have happened to any two people having a good time,” Ed Lyle said. He and his wife are preparing to go to court to become their youngest child’s conservators.

Susan Lyle has a message for the young people traveling to Las Vegas for spring break: “I just want to scream at them ‘Be careful! Just be careful what you do!’ You just never know.”

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Thinkoutsidethebox, when was the last time you paid a copay for when you were in a coma? Since you're obviously smart and experienced, you have first had experience of this. How much did it cost?


Copays for hospitalization (as opposed to a doctor's visit) typically run 20% to 30% of the bill.


Okay, this may come off pety and I'm sure this is due to bad journalism, but really? The family is fundraising to esentially pay for co-pays? Perhaps I'm out of the medical look, but my co-pays are $10 and $15.


This is hearbreaking. My husband was hit by a car while riding a bike when he was around age 12 and was in a coma for about a week. He came out of it without any damaging effects. Just try to stay as positive and optomistic as possible. Keep the conversations going with this young man. Play his favorite music.


Hope he makes a full recovery. On another note does anybody else feel that it's wrong for a victim of an accident to have to pay medical bills. That is if it is of no fault of their own other than not living in a bubble and leaving their house. I guess we could all just huddle in our houses out of fear of someone running us down in a parking lot and leaving us with thousands in medical bills. But then again it's not unheard of for a car to go through the house. I guess that's what medical bankruptcy is for. YeeeeHawww!!


@chunk215. Well put. Amen.

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