A former Napa County official convicted faces up to 30 days in the Napa County jail after pleading Wednesday in Napa County Superior Court to a gun-related misdemeanor.

Ty Cook, a former Napa County Emergency Medical Services administrator, was convicted in September of methamphetamine possession, a felony, and soliciting prostitution, misdemeanor. But the jury deadlocked on another felony — methamphetamine possession with a firearm.

By agreeing to enter Wednesday’s plea, Cook, 50, avoids the possibility of a new trial on that felony gun charge which the Napa County District Attorney’s Office dismissed as part of the plea agreement.

Napa County Superior Court Judge Mark Boessenecker on Wednesday set sentencing for Nov. 13.

Cook, who was arrested in January after an underage call girl was stopped for speeding on Highway 29 with one of Cook’s check in her possession, could serve up to a month in the Napa County jail for being armed in a criminal action, methamphetamine possession and soliciting prostitution.

As a convicted felon, Cook will not be allowed to possess a firearm and agreed not to ask to reduce the outstanding felony to a misdemeanor, said prosecutor Scott Young.

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based on my recollection of the case this is what happened.

Mr. Cook has already been tried on other charges and has been found guilty and was sentenced. The Plea was to avoid a retrial. The DA couldnt prove that the gun was loaded with blanks if I recall. Blanks or something to kill rats?! Mr. Cook will be in jail for a while on the first trial.

I agree with glenroy, the article needs some help from an editor


No doubt could have been better written...but I don't have an editor around anymore and I have other pressing matters.

…”at some point they”…. meaning it could, or perhaps has, brought harm to his extended family. Obviously it causes problems he has nephews, nieces, cousins, aunt, uncle etc. I do think he got off light…but I still can't see the logic of spending a few more hundred thousand dollars for what likely amount to few short weeks more in jail. He did own the gun legally, it was not used in the crime....we have many around ready for use.
What makes sense is we don't waste money because we are on the hook for at least $1.2 trillion (Stanford BSM, WSJ) dollars to the Pers retirement funds…why spend more on this matter when there are dozens with outstanding warrants on the streets?

Anyway…everyone has a right to an opinion right or wrong and in the end that’s all it is.


I believe the only issue outstanding is a 22 cal pistola …. which was not used to commit a crime and if that's the case he's entitled to own a pistola.
My question is when is enough = enough? They have convictions on virtually all the related charges....he's never going to get his job back...at some point they end up ruining his extended family that had nothing with this.
I’m all for law and order, but it seems lately they hang em or catch and release...like convicting someone who was already locked up for life never to see the light of day again, after flying him in from Colorado...so after a million or so bucks he's right back where he came from.

This is going to cost a lot of money that would be better spent hunting down criminals, other criminals.


I'm not sure I understand. Who is the "they" that have ruined his extended family? He did the crime, no one else. Criminals (those who have been convicted of a crime) are solely responsible for their loss of liberty, employment, and family. It's awful when it's one of our own family members, but it doesn't excuse the action. I agree that it's completely unnecessary and a waste of time, money, resources to go to trial against someone who is already locked up for life.
Your last sentence makes no sense to me. Spend money hunting down other criminals, but not on this one?

Old Time Napkin
Old Time Napkin

Looks like it depneds on who you are that determines the sentence.


11370.1 Possession of methamphetamine while armed with a loaded, operable firearm-
Felony punishable by two, three or four years in prison. No diversion or deferred entry of judgment (DEJ)

Looks like a miscarriage of justice by at least 23 months, not to mention sex with a minor.



Really...30 days? I just read 3 years for residential burglary. So...if you pay a minor for sex, and have illegal substances, and have a gun that no one wants to talk about...you get 30 days, but if you steal things, same illegal substance you get 3 years.
I truly do not understand our legal system.

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