The Napa County Sheriff’s Office identified the motorist who died in a fiery crash on Orchard Avenue Saturday night as Cyle Ross Cotten, 26, of Napa.

Identification was made using dental records, Sheriff’s Capt. Tracey Stuart said in a news release Tuesday morning.

The cause of death is pending a toxicology analysis, she said.

Cotten was the sole occupant in a 2004 Pontiac GTO coupe that crashed at high speeds into a tree after failing to make a hairpin turn, the California Highway Patrol said.

The vehicle was engulfed in flames soon after impact.

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Cut down the tree.


Clearly they need more because if you haven't noticed you are commenting on a story that resulted in a death. Not every county road can be lit, but highly trafficked ones like Orchard should have speed deterrents. This road serves as the only connection between 29 and Dry Creek. There are near misses daily here and unfortunately the signage posted is not working.


I agree, at least something to keep a vehicle from finding that lone tree again.


What a horrible tragedy! My goodness Cyle, why? You were so young! Thank you for all the wonderful memories "Cycle"....! You will truly be missed! And to your family, I am so very sorry for your loss! We all loved Cyle so very much! I know that its the speeding that caused this tragedy and we try so hard to teach our children to do the right thing but maybe because of so many other accidents on this country road, the county might want to try to do something to make it ore safe! Like put up a speed radar, sheriff on duty sign before the turn, just something to draw awareness of the danger of speeding around this curve....! Prayers to the Family...Love you Cyle ! "Cycle"


All roads in the County are dark at night. The County cant light up all the roads. But if you look what the County did do on Orchard Ave. There are two signs in each direction warning to take the turns at 20mph. Very few turns have two signs in the County They put up speed limits on the road. They put up warning signs that bikes and people are in the road signs. What more do people need to get the message????


I ride my bike on that road all the time. I have to be careful on those turns going 20 mph let alone 100 mph. Young people please take caution. Don't speed on poorly lit back country roads!


True that speed was a major factor, but as a resident at this corner I have seen 5 accidents and 15+ near accidents in the past few years; this one resulting in death. This should get someone's attention other than Cyle's family and friends.


Cyle you will be missed greatly by very many thanks for the memoirs it was great to know youlove sal and Jess.


I would say excessive speed had more to do with this accident than lighting or rumble strips.


This is so tragic. I live 150 ft from where this happened and still can't believe it. If you live in this community, please write to the County and request more lighting or rumble strips here. This road is not well lit and cars speed all the time at this hairpin turn. I didn't know Cyle, but I can't shake this terrible tragedy. May he rest in peace.

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