Dan Chastain Sr. has been coping with a throbbing toothache since December. He has been without dental insurance since he lost his job last year.

The Napa husband and father has been dealing with daily pain and needed to have a tooth pulled. But he didn’t know how he was going to pay for it without insurance.

His wife, Cynthia Chastain, took him to a free dental appointment on Friday morning — free because of the philanthropic efforts of three local dentists, spearheaded by dentist Adrian Fenderson. Assisting him with seeing patients were fellow dentists Maryam Mohsenzadeh and Evelyn Calayag.

“My wife drove me this morning. She’s here to support for me today. I didn’t quite know what to expect,” Dan Chastain said. “I am sure I am going to feel much better now.”

“Dr. Fenderson is a blessing to this county and we just want to thank him for doing this,” said Cynthia Chastain sitting in the waiting room, after her husband’s tooth had been pulled and he was recuperating.

The husband and wife, with their toddler daughter in tow, arrived at dentist Adrian Fenderson’s office on Valle Verde Drive at 8:25 a.m. 

There were already 20 people in line ahead of him for the annual free dental emergency clinic.

At 9:30 Friday morning Fenderson said he already had 42 people scheduled for dental work.

The majority of patients were adults. Fenderson said young children would be coming in late afternoon after school.

Fenderson opens his office and heart to Napa’s less fortunate once a year for a free emergency dental health care clinic. This is the second year he has offered the free dental health care.

He and two other dentists offer their time free of charge for this clinic that started one year ago. Fenderson estimates it cost him between $8,000 and $10,000 to offer the free dental care.

Fenderson sent out about 5,000 e-mails and posted flyers at various locations throughout Napa.

“I do it because I enjoy it and there is a need — especially in these tough economic times,” said Fenderson, who has practiced dentistry in Napa for 38 years.

“I’ve been doing this outreach all over the world, and last year somebody asked me why I didn’t offer it in Napa,” he said.

On Friday, Fenderson arrived at his office at 

7 a.m. and expected he would not leave until at least 5 p.m. 

Any patient who did not get in for an appointment was going to be given a rain check.

Fenderson said he truly loves his work. “To me, what I am doing today is pure dentistry,” he said.

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I'm sorry, Nobetta. What comment did I misunderstand ?

I'm not one of the several people who noted that the NVR noted this Dentist's act of compassion after-the-fact. You were the one whining about those people voicing their concern, and I was just trying to clarify what they were feeling. If you want to be oblivious and ignore the background of what they are saying and denying the pattern, go ahead.

Obviously, some people feel it wouldn't be an improvement to learn about helpful and compassionate events BEFORE the event has occurred, and you apparently want to be one of them. Enjoy your contentment, and have a most lovely day. I feel just terrible that I have troubled you. Please accept my most sincere apologies.


Once again the world according to reason-ator.
Frequently you misinterprete comments from others here and offer your own spin. Also its clear you carry an ongoing grudge towards the NVR with your regular criticism.
The "everyone else" I referred to are the people who were actually treated not whoever you asked.
Im well aware there are many in need that can benefit from free dental care that was the purpose of this to begin with.
Placing blame on the NVR for "not telling" and having missed a free service is whinning at any rate and far from an expression of gratitude!


Mobetta, your logic may have merit if not for the other patterns of inadequacy

But even ignoring the past trends, put yourself in the place of one of the people who really could benefit from free dental care, and you'll see ( assuming you try ) that you're being somewhat unrealistic

As far as your "everyone else" that "knew about it", "everyone" I've asked knew nothing about it

You are right, however. The NVR is not an event planner. And while some my claim that we would have known about these events if we'd just used the "Calendar of Events", I have never seen an event on the "Calendar of Events" that was later mentioned in a news article. I'm sure there HAVE been some, but I didn't see them

What you are saying is that the NVR isn't "wrong". What other people are saying is that there is room for the NVR to be of more benefit to the community. More than they already are. But the NVR is limited in resources. It's also possible the dentists and crew couldn't have handled more people.


skippert said "leave it to the NVR to forget to tell us"?
The NVR reports the news and is not your event planner.
Wonder how everyone else knew about it, maybe the 5,000 emails sent and the flyers posted around town.
Did you read its an ANNUAL event? Call and ask to be on their email list or mark your calendar now for next year then you and Lolie can't whine and place blame because you missed out again.


I know there are numerous people who will correct me if I am wrong, but is there evidence that the Register knew about this event before it happened? I would go so far as to scream "negligence" if the Reg knew about this but failed to report it ahead of time, but where is the proof? Did I miss something? I'm thinking Lolie and Skippert should check with the publicity people for this before complaining that the reg knew something but did nothing.


Thanks for giving back to your community, Dr. Fenderson. Your kindness and generosity has touched so many. Wish so many more would follow your examples. Thanks all!


Great job once again Dr. Fenderson. However I have to agree with Lolie, leave it to the NVR to forget to tell us about this great offer until after the magical day. As a parent without insurance this would have been nice to know about.

Cheers to helpful hands.


This is so wonderful to hear about such great people offering this. I am only sad to hear about it after-the-fact.

It has really become an issue that the NVR doesn't report about things like this until after they happen. Would it had hurt to run a 3 like article letting their readers know this was going on? It's almost like a slap in the face to those who didn't know. Like saying, "Hey look what you missed out on."

Get it together NVR.

And thank you to the dentists who did this and provided their services to those who did know about it.

Napa Dentist

This day could not have happened without the tremendous effort of a team of auxiliaries who volunteered their time and expertise. Only the doctors are mentioned in the article but I wish to thank all the team members, hygienists, assistants, and administrative personnel without whom this day could not have happened. Dr. Amine Khoury also helped along with his team.
Dr. Adrian Fenderson


Dr. Fenderson, you are a saint!


Kudos to all the dentists who participated!

Just so we're clear, the dental clinic was not "free," it was expensive time and materials donated by the dentists who did not ask for reimbursement.


Thank you, DDSs . ...


This man, supported and partnerned by his wife Jeannie, has worked in many other countries giving free dental care and is always ready to give to local charities. He has been a particular friend of Molly, giving the proceeds from a specially priced teeth whitening event. Thank you Dr. Fenderson!

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