The Martini House, a landmark restaurant in downtown St. Helena, has been sold. One of the new owners is the co-founder of the P.F. Chang restaurant chain.

Chef Todd Humphries and co-owners Pat Kuleto and Richard Miyashiro said Martini House had been sold to restaurateurs Paul Fleming and Brian Bennett. Martini House will close Oct. 30 after nine years in business.

“The new restaurant’s re-opening date, menu concept and other details have yet to be announced,” the new owners said in a press release.

“It’s been a great nine-year run,” Humphries said. “We’ve followed our muse and created and served incredible meals, made a lot of wonderful friends, won a Michelin star and a lot of other prestigious awards, and enjoyed a dedicated and loyal following.”

Fleming is a Napa Valley resident. Besides P.F. Chang, his other projects include Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar and Paul Martin’s American Bistro, a co-venture with Bennett with locations in El Segundo and Roseville.

In addition to its Michelin Star, Martini House was included in Zagat’s Top 40 Restaurants in Northern California.

According to the news release, Humphries and Miyashiro are exploring options for their next venture, possibly in downtown Napa.

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Please read people. Paul is no longer with PF Changs and no way would the city ever let a chain (corp) place like PF Changs come in. Plus, where would they put the terra cot a horses?


Never been, so...Sorry Martini House! But I am sure it has been bought up by someone and will open up under a new name...very soon


[quote]AO1982 said: "Hate to see a good place go, but I would love to see a P.F. Changs in Napa Valley. That place is rediculously good, and cheap. "[/quote]

Totally agree. Never went to Martini House ($$$) but a P.F. Changs I can do! Sometimes anyway.


Hate to see a good place go, but I would love to see a P.F. Changs in Napa Valley. That place is rediculously good, and cheap.

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