A Napa teenager was freed from jail Thursday after the Napa County district attorney’s office concluded someone else with the same name and age — and not he — was the man wanted for bank robbery in Oregon.  

Michael Patrick Quinn, 18, was arrested Dec. 15 after the vehicle he was driving allegedly crashed into a city sign in Napa, according to court records. A warrant indicated a man with the same name and age was wanted for bank robbery in Grants Pass. Ore.

Quinn was charged as a fugitive and extradition proceedings were under way when the Napa County district attorney’s office found Quinn was not the man wanted in Oregon.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Paul Gero said his office concluded the real suspect had been using Quinn’s middle name and date of birth, leading to the confusion after a flurry of phone calls.

The real suspect’s father, who was also wanted for robbery, is in jail in El Dorado County while Napa’s Michael Quinn’s dad — to make matters even more confusing — works in Portland, Ore. and lives in Washington state.

On Thursday, after an investigator talked to the Napa teen’s father in Oregon, the Napa County district attorney’s office asked Napa County Superior Court Judge Mark Boessenecker to dismiss  the fugitive charge.

“We’re just happy that we could find out that it wasn’t him,” said Napa County Deputy District Attorney Scott Young after the hearing.

Quinn, a waiter in Napa, was released from custody Thursday afternoon, according to jail records. On Friday, the teen said he was grateful for all the work his family, friends, the district attorney’s office and others did on his behalf.

“If it weren’t for all their hard work, I would have missed Christmas, New Year’s, my birthday,” said Quinn, who turns 19 in January.

The teenager’s odyssey began Dec. 15 when he was arrested at about 11:15 p.m. in the 3300 block of Jefferson Street on suspicion of driving under the influence and hit-and-run after the vehicle he was driving allegedly hit and damaged a city street sign, according to court papers. The DUI allegation is under review, Gero said Thursday.

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That's not too bad that's horrible in this town....ammo for those who specialize in art of behind the back chitchat.....
Maybe NVR can do a story on the straight shooting,,,honest....Quinn's just to clear this up....hate to see it cause anymore harm.


Huh. Wow. Sounds familiar somehow. I think I may have worked with some guy by that name but it was like 10 years ago. Hmm. Boss you remember? Maybe drove a Jeep Cherokee or something? White or red with search lights on it for 4x4? I think he was married with 5 kids. Or 6. Runner? Black hair? I think he used to workout on his lunch break on the treadmill and weights? But then he got a divorce and moved out of state? Dating someone with blue hair? I can't remember. He had a wife wearing a pink dress, or a flower dress, when he went to the Holiday Ball in Feb. at ... Was that Marriott? Maybe he brought his wife one year then the lady with black hair or blue/yellow hair? Wow I'm getting old time to retire.

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