Napa youth thankful for puppies, pizza and a whole lot more

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During the last week of school before Thanksgiving break, the Napa Valley Register asked several local public and private schools to find out what kids and teens were thankful for and what they looked forward to most over the holiday.

The response was tremendous. Entire classes at several schools — including Blue Oak School, First Christian School, Kolbe Academy & Trinity Prep, and Yountville Elementary — took on the last-minute Thanksgiving assignment, and either wrote or typed up their thoughts to share with the newspaper. Due to space limitations, not every response could be printed. Below are the three questions posed to kids. Responses were edited for spelling and grammar.


Who or what are you most thankful for — and why?

• “This Thanksgiving season I am most thankful for my cat, Uno, my Legos and my family because they are always there for me when I need them.” — Graham Gongora, 8, Phillips Charter School

• “I am very thankful for food on my table. My parents work very hard just to feed my parents’ little monsters. I would like them to know that I will always love you, just like the song Whitney Houston made up!” —Viviana Ceja, 9, Yountville Elementary

• “I am thankful for my parents, because they sent me to a good school.” — Emilio Fantucci, 9, Blue Oak School

• “First, I am thankful that we have recycling, because if we didn’t, the Earth would be trashed. Second, I’m thankful we have TV, because how are we going to watch the election when you can’t go there?” — Jackson Jones, 9, Yountville Elementary

• “I have many things to tell you what I am thankful for. One, I am thankful for my mom giving birth to me so I can be in this awesome world. And I am thankful for having great parents and fun sisters to play with and a comfortable bed to sleep in. I am thankful for me being one of the lucky kids in the world.” – Neilani Newberry, 9, Yountville Elementary

• “I’m thankful for the veterans who serve our country and protect our freedom and keep us safe.” — Brenden Lammon, 10, Salvador Elementary

• “I am most thankful for my puppy, Chloe. I am thankful for her because she always is there for me. Some people think that is funny or silly, but I love her with all my heart. She is there when I am sad or upset, and she knows that I love her.” — Alexus Knosky, 11, First Christian School

• “I am most thankful for my grandma for taking me to school every day.” — Dominic Lerma, 12, First Christian School


What is your favorite food on Thanksgiving?

• “My favorite Thanksgiving food is pizza.” — Katie Hull, 5, Salvador Elementary

• “My favorite food served for Thanksgiving is turkey because I like to eat turkey legs. Turkey makes me sleepy.” — Isabella Girardo, 7, Kolbe Academy & Trinity Prep

• “First is the turkey because of the juice in the tasty meat and the warmth, too. Second is the mashed potatoes with pepper, salt, butter, garlic and gravy. If you want to try it, come to my house.” — Ivan Delgado, 9, Yountville Elementary

• “My favorite food would be the chocolate we have for dessert. I also really like the crust of pies.” — Isabella Griffin-Masri, 9, Blue Oak School

• “My favorite foods served on Thanksgiving are some juicy, tender turkey. Another thing is my mom’s wonderful mashed potatoes. I also love the chocolate pie. I can’t wait to spray on the whip cream.” — Angel Javier Lopez, 9, Yountville Elementary

• “Homemade pumpkin pie!” — Jaxon Levy, 10, Blue Oak School

• “A typical Thanksgiving dinner would include turkey. Coming from a Hispanic background we have a different feast. We do include turkey in our meal, but what we usually make is traditional tamales or posole. Tamales are my favorite. My grandmother makes the best ones!” — Jessica Avina, 16, Justin-Siena

• “My favorite food served is definitely the stuffing my mom makes! I could eat it every day!” — Jules Lieb, 17, Justin-Siena

Besides eating, what do you plan to do over Thanksgiving break?

• “My family is having a garage sale. I am selling some of my baseball and football cards.” — Wyatt Humphries, 9, Blue Oak School

• “Besides eating a lot, I’m planning to go watch a movie at the movie theaters. Next, I’m hoping to go camping for two days. Next, I’ll go to Subway to eat a big, nice sandwich, then I’ll order one more to go if I get hungry when we go to Six Flags.” — Nazarely Garcia, 10, Yountville Elementary

• “I am going to Hawaii, going to a luau, and watching them traditionally cook the pig.” — Anastasia Rowles, 10, Kolbe Academy & Trinity Prep

• “Besides eating over Thanksgiving break, I plan on going to the park with my big brother, Roger, and having my friend over to hang out — also sitting on the couch and sipping apple cider while reading a good book.” — Joey Vega, 10, Yountville Elementary

• “Over the Thanksgiving break, I plan to go to my grandma’s house because she just came back from Kansas. I missed her a lot. On my break my mom and I also plan to donate canned food for families in need. There is always a lot of food during Thanksgiving dinner in my house and giving a few things to other families makes me happy.” — Earnie Avina, 11, Phillips Charter School

• “I plan to spend time with my family, watching movies, going over to my cousin’s house and hopefully play basketball if it doesn’t rain.” — Alexandria Lopez, 13, River School

• “Over the break, I plan to hang out with my family, play Airsoft with my friends, and SLEEP!!” — Rylan Woodbury-Jones, 13, First Christian School

• “Over Thanksgiving break I plan I celebrate my 18th birthday! It's on the 24th, so Thanksgiving is usually also my birthday party with family.” — Eleni Hill, 17, Justin-Siena

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