The kinks of a first-time festival seemed worked out by Sunday, when as many as 30,000 rocked out to the final day of Napa’s BottleRock music festival.

Though the event got off to a rocky start Wednesday and Thursday with confusion over the location of will-call and the event’s re-entry policy, by Sunday festival workers and attendees seemed to have the routine down and were focused on taking in the final acts and indulgences of Napa’s largest-ever event.

Emboldened by their overall success, organizers announced before the five-day event’s final show Sunday that BottleRock will be back for a second year. BottleRock 2014 will be three days, from May 9-11. Tickets are on sale now.

“Everyone is so impressed as am I as a local,” Marie Lyall, a Napa resident and festivalgoer, said via email. “The Napa police has been fabulous, garbage containment throughout the downtown streets has been used and free bike parking throughout the downtown.”

The event brought out an estimated 10,000 people for its soft launch Wednesday night, between 17,000 and 20,000 Thursday, around 30,000 Friday, just under 35,000 Saturday and around 30,000 Sunday, according to organizers. The Expo grounds were at capacity Saturday, but BottleRockers spread themselves out between three stages, two food areas and other attractions.

“I think it has been amazing,” said Erin Lawley of Mill Valley. “What everyone was concerned about hasn’t been an issue. There’s plenty of water, food, the restrooms are clean. Yeah, there are lines but that’s to be expected. ... Everything is running smoothly, I’d definitely come back.”

A BottleRock organizer said staff reassessed operations each night and added more water, ID-check, food chip stations and other amenities as needed. A behind-the-scenes, pop-up sign shop at the Expo printed out new signs as necessary.

The two biggest complaints heard from concertgoers on Sunday were about the long lines to filll up water bottles and the helicopters circling overhead.

Scott Lyall, owner of the Clothes for Men boutique in the Napa Riverfront, had nothing but positive things to say about BottleRock, which he said he’d “definitely love to see back.”

Sunday morning, he said he did the same amount of business between Wednesday and Saturday that he usually does in two weeks. He stayed open a couple hours later each night and was able to serve some of the BottleRockers who went downtown for drinks and food after the concerts wrapped up at 10 p.m.

“My sales were through the roof, especially on Friday and Saturday,” Lyall said. “Everyone that walks in, I talk to them about how it’s going in (BottleRock) and 98 percent were nothing but positive.”

Lyall called the event “unbelievable” and described it as, “one of the best things to happen to Napa in a while.”

Julie Johnson, Michelle Jentz and Lora Voit made the trek to BottleRock from Southern California as a Mother’s Day weekend getaway. Their only complaint was that VIP passes were sold out.

“I’m 65, (Lora’s) 75. If we’re having a fabulous time, the people in their 40s, 30s and 20s must be having a great time,” Jentz said.

As the three sat under the shade of a tree at the WillPower Stage on Sunday afternoon, they went back and forth about all the fun they had and the acts they’d seen.

“I can’t pick out one highlight because it has all been great,” said Voit, a San Diego resident.

Jentz, who also lives in San Diego, said she particularly enjoyed sampling Napa Valley wine at the festival.

“We had the best time at the wineries,” she said. “We learned so much about the different wineries by visiting the different wine booths.”

A few days into the festival, volunteers said they had the lay of the land down and their job was easy. Saturday, neighborhood ambassadors Loma Alexander, of Calistoga, and Peggy Francis, of Napa, said things were running smooth. They reported some confusion during the early days of the festival with out-of-towners having difficulty finding Copia, where will-call was situated, but said by Saturday, everyone was at ease.

“If they have it again, we will be here,” Jentz said Sunday afternoon. “We loved it; we had a blast.”

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Bottle Rock was amazing! I live in the neighborhood and have four small children. Other than the helicopter noise, I had no problem putting my children to sleep. Other than the helicopter noise, the only other thing I would complian about, is not getting comp tickets. I heard many were handed out to the neighborhood, I live off of Terrace and we were not given comp tickets. It was nice to hear the music from home though. I went Wednesday and the people we met were all amazing and from so many different places. Cant wait to go again next year!


Agree with cjsnertz - people need to stop looking at marijuana from a legal standpoint and look at the facts. Not saying its necessarily good for you but not as bad as alcohol which. Personal experience


Dear Jane Esters - Napa Residents Against BotttleRock -

5 days is .013% of a year. Stop acting like it's so monumental.

- - We believe that our City should not be held hostage by a couple business people seeking wealth on our time.- -

The wine business hold citizens hostage (excessive water consumption) and put them at risk on the roads every day (tourists drinking and driving). But I suppose that's okay because that's who Napa caters to.

RE: public drug use. Did you hear pot is becoming legal in some states? Once the govt. figures out how to tax it, am sure this will increase.

And all the wine consumption here. Because alcohol is legal, I suppose it's abuse is socially acceptable.

Napa is a sleepy place obviously inhabited by some residents with uptight, small town attitudes.

Evolve Napa. I wish the same for some of its residents.


actually about 1.4% you forgot to move the decimal when converting to a percent.


I still don't understand why it's so important to allow such publicly open drug activity there. Everything else about the festival is fine. I'm gay and liberal minded. I love diversity. I just happen to also think we should be acting responsibly around minors. College students are not minors and I have no problem with adults making their own choices about drugs in the privacy of their own homes. I'm not rooting for Christian Band festivals or Disney on Ice or even our Napa Town and Country Fair. I think Napa would be fine with or without Bottle Rock and I don't think that I'm being negative by stating my opinion.


Are we really still considering marijuana a "drug". I look it at like I do coffee and alcohol. It just happens to still be illegal but that bound to change soon.


Though, you may, for some odd reason be against this event you might want to consider the quality of our fair every year. Old almost junk rides with a couple bands we've never heard of? How long will we sulk around with our fists so lazily thrown into the air booing what could change this town? Why are the negative few so eager to keep the crowds local? This isn't a town of church goers and youth leaders. This is a town that loves making money, drinking wine, and having a good time. If you want to keep your old school conservative morals alive you can, just not here. The younger generations are growing up and soon they will be the ones running this town. Festivals belong here in the beautiful Napa Valley. For too long have I grown up in this small town and wondered why we do not open our doors to the world. Yes, we allow tourists into our cellars and tasting rooms but do we ever let them step foot in the place we all call home? Be ready for change, the town you once knew is gone.


thank you!


Wow this isn't Disney on Ice. Don't bring your kids, hello? And if your teenagers haven't ever been around pot smoke- well welcome to college years. Gimme a break.


Agreed, Napkingirl!


Minors should not be allowed to attend if drug activity is going to be such an open part of the culture at the event. I'm disappointed that so much pot smoking was allowed at a Napa Valley Expo event. I'm a high school teacher and many teens that I know told me about seeing and smelling pot smoke everywhere (and meth, in one instance) in the crowds. Everyone is saying how much they love Bottle Rock. What about kids who also want to see their favorite bands at Bottle Rock? The leaders of this event, the Expo, and our community should address this.


This type of attitude is what ruins festivals. I remember a long time ago when Napa hosted the Rock of Ages event. Everyone loved the idea of christian bands!! Open your eyes and accept the fact that this is the world we live in today and most importantly, You live in northern California!!!


you actually think the high schoolers have never heard of pot? I was in high school not too long ago and I can say for sure that the people who would be surprised by pot smoking would be few and far between


Also, the noise level was quite acceptable. And I live a 2 minute walk from it.


Great festival. Like most of the people here I was impressed by how well run it was. We live in alta heights and it was great to be so close. I'm happy the complainers were proved wrong.


I am glad if you had a good time, but please realize that for some of us, who had NO choice in the matter, it was a miserable week. That's right, week, because it started for us between 11pm and 4am on Monday night while AT&T upgraded the Expo's services. My family left to get away from the noise Thursday and after my husband was cussed out and accosted (in front of our kids) for daring to use a stroller on the sidewalk, we decided we'd had enough and left. Luckily, we had generous friends who gave us a place to stay, because on his teacher's salary there is no way we could have afforded a hotel. This is NOT a minor inconvenience to those who live directly around the Expo, it completely alters our lives in every way. We could not come or go as we pleased, or let our kids play outside. We learned this the hard way after Wednesday night when our three year old witnessed a drunk woman bust her face open IN our yard. She is still traumatized by it. Have it again but NOT at the Expo!


It sounds as if you met a bad seed that night. Ive been to several festivals before and this has been almost perfect.


everyone complaining sounds so dramatic. I live right nearby, people were respectful and happy.

SpecEd Teacher

I just don't think you can quantify or qualify what is loud to some and not loud to really comes down to whether these types of events fit your paradigm...if not, then you may be fearful/angry/negative...Let's just say that this event hosted classical music at the same noise and crowd level. Those of you that enjoy rock music may or may not be pleased hearing that for 5 days. Those of you that enjoy classical are likely to be as ecstatic as our rockers. If you are threatened by the lifestyle/genre...well, I don't think anything will make you support it.

My friend, a firefighter who attended all 4 days, said that he has never heard so many "thank-you's", "excuse me", "I'm sorry", "pardon me" in his life! And he saves lives for a living!!! The community that attended this event have a heartfelt interest to be kind, to be respectful, to be peaceful. In the world we live in today, I am hopeful people will support more of that.


There are many comments saying to move the venue. The whole point is that it is in downtown Napa. Concert go-ers and their money are close to all the amenities offered in downtown. People can walk. If it were to move, for example, to Napa Pipe there is nothing over there and there is a safety issue with the area and its surrounding areas being heavy industrial/commercial. Also there would be people potentially walking on the highways to get back to Napa. I understand the problems. But looking at it big picture its great for Napa. Many, many locals enjoyed the show and are looking forward to it. Even some who live within blocks of the expo. The vocal naysayers are in the minority.


I'm amazed at the people who claim there wasn't traffic. I was forced to take Soscol one night, and it took me twenty minutes to go less than half a mile, because Bottlerock had an entire lane blocked off. Even when I took alternate routes, traffic was still sometimes clogged by confused bus drivers.

I can only laugh at the people who suggest that you shouldn't complain about Bottlerock if you didn't buy a ticket. Really? You think someone should have to fork out a few hundred dollars to complain about the traffic? That's almost as silly as out-of-towners calling locals spoilsports if we don't want 35,000 people crammed into our downtown.

I don't have any problem with bottlerock other than the fact that it's too big. 10,000 people would probably be too big; if they want that many people, they need a different venue. I'm disappointed that our local officials let this happen, and I intent to hold them accountable on election day.


too bad for you that most people loved the festival. Good luck "holding them accountable"


Glad it is over! Now the neighborhood can have some peace. Put BottleRock at another venue - away from a residential neighborhood. The noise level was unreal.

Nacho Girlfriend

I love all the positive, supportive comments! I live on the "front lines" and I just can't figure out the noise complaints. Yes, I could hear the music from my backyard--and you can bet I sat out there, glass of wine in hand, enjoying it (after my little ones went to bed with no problems)! And if I didn't feel like listening, I just closed my windows and sat in my quiet house. And it was over by 10pm!
No traffic complaints. Litter was no more than what the Silverado kids throw down on their walk home from school.
I was lucky enough to get to go on Thursday (comp ticket) and Sunday. I saw people of all ages enjoying a variety of music together. People were respectful and mellow. Napa showcased some its best food and wine. It was surreal it was so good.
Thanks to everyone who organized this and supported it. Thanks Napa PD/Highway Patrol, security and medical staff, all the volunteers, and everyone who attended and had a blast!
Rock on! See you in 2014!!


Kudos to Napa for hosting festival. I think I may be fairly typical of the unruly demographic that some bemoan, I am 59 years old, came up with my wife for Fridays show from San Anselmo. The quality and variety of the music is what drew us in, I am more a jazz and roots music fan and found a lot to like. Parking and busses were incredible, crowds were well mannered happy, all in all we found ticket prices high but the quality of food vinters music and class made it a world class event, and worth high price. (Please dont higher tho, this was only downside) We live half way between SF and Napa and find that we are more and more drawn to your sweet city due to the new music venues in town. Napa is making a lot of waves, the downtown has never looked beter,dont let the handful of Nimbys get yall down! We will be back! Thanks!


Jane you seem alone in your feelings. Napa was not taken hostage. My entire family lives here in Napa most in north-west Napa whom said they did not even notice that 35,000 people were down in east Napa living it up. I live on Silverado Trail right behind Napa Expo cant get more local that. I had no issues with traffic, no issues with trespassers or people trashing the Trail. The little Trash that was there was always gone by the next morning. As a direct local I got free tickets and went to the event and was delighted to see hundreds of locals it was like a reunion every yard. Everyone loved the festival and I am so happy to hear the positive reviews. I cant wait till next year... Don't ruin the fun for everyone else with your bitter (I'M LOCAL) agenda. BOTTLE ROCK 2013.... WELL ORGANIZED and WELCOMED BACK BY THIS LIFETIME NAPKIN!!


Bottlerock was great. I have lived in napa and was nervous about how traffic was and everything. There was no traffic, I never saw anyone get into a fight. And for someone saying that everyone was drunk or on drugs. Not true. I was there for 3 days and was never and neither were any of my friends. I drove by 3rd street today and there was no trash on the ground and walking to the Expo I saw neighbors selling things.

In regards to the "noise" it ended right at 10. Yes it was loud but if someone threw a Party in any neighborhoods they could play music as loud as they want until 10pm which is the cut off for noise.

I really enjoyed bottlerock all of the days I went and I LOVE train. And just because you dont doesnt mean that everyone doesnt.

Just because we got flooded with people in one area and not spread out in all of napa county, isnt a bad thing. At least everyone is walking and not endangering peoples lives by driving. It was not that bad, and it helped some businesses out.


I did not attend BR but live on the Riverfront so I was on the front lines (so to speak). Even though the music was loud where I live it was wonderful to see so many happy people walking around. Even the police who were excellent at patrolling the area had smiles on their faces. I did not see drunk people staggering around but instead lots of people being respectful towards one another. I will be curious to hear from downtown businesses if it hurt or helped their business. I work at a winery on Saturdays and know that we were not as busy as usual BUT also know that wineries appreciate the fact that this will bring great revenue to the area and definitely bring in some new wine visitors in the future. I have heard nothing but positive feedback (other than the helicopters) from attendees and neighbors. I am very proud of all involved and happy that the organizers took and will continue to take feedback both good and bad. I say Bravo BRNV!! Rock on...


We live on the North side of town, and could hear this event loud and clear all the way over there, I can only IMAGINE the noise level that the residents nearby endured. On Friday night, I was trying to put my child to bed and I couldn't get them to sleep because of the noise of the helicopters that flew by until almost midnight. I would think trying to put a school aged child to bed on school nights near the venue would have been imposible, and to throw the concerns of naysayers to the side because you enjoyed the event is somewhat self serving.
On a postive note, I tihnk the concept is/ was great and we defintiley want to go next year., assuming pot regulations are enforced! How people brough children with the incredible obvious presence of the drug is beyond me. Perhaps more police presence inside?
All in all, it's cool to see something like this come to Napa, and it's great to see that the guests were respoectful enough to NOT cause complete havoc on our sleepy town.


i live next door to the festival. not bad at all. In fact it was amazing to be so close to a great event


I didn't attend but I was downtown around 10:30 when Bottlerock ended and the flood of people downtown was great. Everybody was in a great mood and happy. I'm sure the bars and restaurants loved it. I feel like the police presence downtown was a little overkill but on the other hand i guess it's good to be ready for something big cuz u never know. I support Bottlerock because it is different then the same old thing that goes on every weekend in Napa which isn't much. I'll think about going in the future if I see a band on the lineup that I'm really into.


Three more points - "...It will be bigger and better and here for years to come." Not sure the fair grounds could handle anything bigger, Another valid argument for moving the venue.

Secondly, now that BR is such a huge success their will likely be more promoters wanting to hold events here. As a community, we need to consider that as well.

Finally, the City needs to figure out exactly what they did or did not do right. Our city was taken over by the state and we lost control. This is not an attack on BR, but a larger observation. We all know by now that the state owns the fairgrounds, but I personally find it troubling that they can dictate our lives to us on this level. Even the most ardent proponents of BottleRock should recognize that we should not allow the state to sell our entire city to the highest bidder. Find the hole the state crawled through and plug it. See you next year at BottleRock - wherever it is.


je1466, great points and I hope people listen to you. Especially on point is saying that the people who liked it were thinking of themselves. I also agree with you that other promoters will come in trying to do other things, and there seems to be no control the community has over what the Expo decides to do. 'the state, so too bad Napa. It is almost like the government doesn't have to care about the community, if it makes money for them to heck with everyone else.


I am not sure why I keep finding something to say about this event. I think I am just fascinated by how divided we are as a community. Also, since I switched sides from anti- to pro- BottleRock I can understand both sides.
One thing that I keep seeing is that many of the pro- BR stance is based on ME (ie; "I loved it," "we had a blast", "Train rocks". A few say it helped the city and there is some evidence that they are right, but for the most part it is about how great event was for them.
The anti- BR side makes some very reasonable and sounds points as well. It was loud and an intrusion on people's rights to peacefully enjoy their property and run their businesses. Further, the promoters failed to allow any input from the community.

The answer seems simple to me. Move it out of the City and into a different venue. Enjoy BR, just take it into a more isolated location. Everyone wins! Wherever it goes I hope to be there. I feel like I missed the party of the year.


And, Jane, BottleRock is just getting started.

It will be bigger and better and here for years to come. City officials would be silly to push this away.


And let's all not forget the incredible impact this will have on all of BottleRock's MANY charitable partners.


Absolutely! I was there as a volunteer for a non-proft run beverage booth. Its a great opportunity for the org...and the bottlerockers loved us.


One more thing--the people who tend to come here to comment are supporters. I am hearing a lot more criticism in person, and I think that is because it is hard to criticize something in public for fear of being criticized yourself.

I think the event needs to be smaller, they already have cut it to three days which is a move in the right direction. It needs to be Napa sized, this isn't Golden Gate Park which is by itself three times bigger than downtown Napa.

Two stages not three, and keep the price high which is frankly why they get fewer rabble rousers.

Just some opening suggestions. This needs to be thought through and the community needs to be allowed some input.


Anonymous Napablogger,
It seems to me that most comments I see on Napa Valley Register articles are the "negative nannies" so I'm absolutely amazed to see so much positive here today. This is great! Good luck luck shutting down this positive vibe.


Dane, my name is Michael Haley, I am a grape grower as well as currently being an elected official, Ward 3 Director of the Parks and Open Space District for Napa County. I am not trying to be anonymous, so sorry about that.

Also, I am not trying to shut Bottle Rock down. What I am trying to do is be inclusive of everyone in the community, and not shut out or shout down people who have legitimate complaints.

Napa is growing rapidly, and Bottle Rock represents part of that growth. One thing that happens, is already happening in Napa, is that as a place gets bigger people get more atomized and anonymous. The strong sense of community that Napa has always had and that is one of the reasons we all like it here is already being deteriorated. One way to fight that is to make sure we all work together and that everyone has a voice in what happens, and feels included. That is what I am trying to do, not shut down Bottle Rock.


Thumbs up to your response here NB.

If BottleRock wants to succeed, they ought to keep open communication with the community.

It's true that many people enjoyed the event but I see a lot of new usernames on this blog which reminds me a lot of what happened when Napa Pipe was pushing their development through. I can tell that many of them have the exact same writing style (same person). I really hope the BR promoters do not stoop too low.

On the other hand, the promoters are probably afraid that if they give an inch, everyone will want a mile. PR balance is what's needed.


Dear BottleRock Producers, BR Staff, BR Volunteers, City of Napa, County of Napa, Fairgrounds, Caltrans & Hugh Linn,

Great Job to you all, I was an admitted "nay-sayer" to start with (this is genetic since I grew up in Napa), but after I saw the accomplishments at the Fairgrounds, around town and at Napa Pipe, I had to go! I attended the Thursday night performance and I found absolutley nothing to complain about, other than I didn't have tickets for any other days...

Possibly everything worked so well this year because there was an urgency to get it done; don't "over think" next years event planning and please don't let the few negative comments get you down...You all did a GREAT JOB..."Just Do It Again"!

Onward to next years BottleRock!

Again, Thanks to you All, Tom Andrews


It is easy to say the noise and other issues don't matter if you don't live in the neighborhood or you don't own a downtown business. I think it is sleazy for the promoters to already start selling tickets without allowing any time for these issues to be addressed. They are obviously trying to slam dunk this on us before any criticism can surface.

People have a right to peace and quiet in their own neighborhood, and have a right to have a voice in the decision making process. It is not fair to tell those neighbors that they have no right to complain because they chose to live there. They were not expecting this, this was five full days, all day into the night, of the loss of their homes and privacy.

This is far different than the Town and Country Fair or a two hour one night event that creates a lot of noise.


what a great event I cannot wait for next year.

valley native

What a great time for Napa. MOST of us enjoyed it to the fullest. Everyone we spoke to at the event- locals and visitors had nothing but positive things to say. Did not hear not one bad word by anyone at the event. So you naysayers - Ms. Ester - I suggest you learn to make lemonade because the rest of us will not let you spoil it for everyone else.


Just get rid of the choppers!


Oh my yes! It was good to see the Reach helicopter and the CHP on Saturday though.


Yes, please loose the helicopter. There's no excuse for it and if there is one I'd love to hear it. The music is tolerable, the helicopter is not.


What a wonder festival this was. It is great to see great things happening in this city. I loved the good vib, people being kind, helpful, and all of the smiles. I have lived in Napa my entire life and never thought that I would be able to experience something like this in my own city. Well Done!


Cannot wait until next year! #BottleRock rocked!


Congratulations Napa!! Good job well done!!

Jane Esters

Napa Residents Against BotttleRock -

We believe that our City should not be held hostage by a couple business people seeking wealth on our time.
We believe that being a "sleepy small town" is not a negative but a positive.
We do not prescribe to the notion that five days of blaring rock and roll and screaming drunk and drugged individuals constitutes a "Successful Event"
We do not believe that any business or event should force any other business to bow down before it by being forced to change hours or even close.
We don't assume that everyone likes "Primus" or "Train"
We don't believe that our neighbors should be subjected to 35,000 drunk, loud and littering individuals.

The state owns the fairgrounds, but not our city.
We want a maximum noise level reduction.
We want the amplified music ordinance changed to 9:00 PM
There will be more. This is just getting started.
We want our city leaders to lead. Do your job.


Many people WANT this event. I actually went to the event that you vilify, so I he ave first hand experience of it. The crowds were docile for the most part, all of the litter at the fairgrounds was picked up each night by volunteers, and yes it WAS a successful event. I am sorry that you feel that an event that breathes some life into this town for a few days is so horrible you must conspire against it ever being held again. I do believe that the people that want the event to come back next year are in the majority, I guess time will tell though. It is just sad that a group of people that probably didn't even go, and have no first hand knowledge can ruin things for a large group of people that had a good time and are looking forward to it next year. There are many things I don't personally like in life, but I don't wish to push my view on others and stop their enjoyment. By the way, Primus is incredible! Watch them on youtube, you might like them!


Also, Jane, don't you think that most things in this town and valley are done because business people are seeking money?? Come on, we live in the Napa Valley, home of expensive wines, outrageously priced restaurants, hotels, and spas. At least BottleRock appeals to a larger, more diverse group of people. Maybe it is that you are against, maybe BottleRock doesn't fit the mold for Napa and it scares some people. Just because something is different doesn't make it bad, and just because it isn't your thing doesn't mean others shouldn't enjoy it and have access to it. Maybe you can petition the city to change everything you don't like by making more rules and regulations, just what we need. It is only 5 days out of the year, is that too much to ask?



The City had the chance to be involved early on. They did not take any of it seriously and blew it off.


I'm sorry you feel so bitter. I hope you keep in mind that even though a few of your neighbors want to vilify this event, many of your neighbors enjoyed the event including the comp tix that were shared with you by the event organizers. I hope you used those so you could actually see how well the event was run.

No one expects you to like quality music, whoever the artist might be, but we allow you space to hate all you want (as long as you don't hurt others). That's the beauty of being part of the Bay Area; we have diversity.

Personally, as a resident of Napa, I appreciate the diversity that an event like this brings to our wonderful city.

I'm glad it went so well.

I was also one of the 35,000 people that attended the event on Saturday and like most of the rest, I was neither drunk or drugged, I was just enjoying the show.

I hope we can get you to attend next year.


Saturday was great! So much fun!

Nacho Girlfriend


Nacho Girlfriend



Poor Jane.

Napa some excitement for 4 days and all of a sudden we've gone from a "sleepy town" to a chaotic mess driven by profit and greed...all over rock n' roll.

You're not going to change the noise ordinance to 9pm. Businesses will fight that tooth and nail. Music lovers will too. You will find a bigger fight than you are prepared for.

And so you don't like Primus or Train. Big deal. I don't like Train either, but I loved Bottle Rock. People like different things. That's the way things work.

I will agree that the promoters need to be more proactive about mitigating the impact on the neighbors around Siverado & Coombsville, but beyond those eight square blocks I don't see a need to do much about the sound.

And let's be honest: the town & country fair goes on longer, has a greater number of troublemakers after dark, and has a more adverse traffic & parking impact because there AREN'T the road closures and parking restrictions that BottleRock has.

Just Sayin'

Wow Jane that's a lot of wants and don't wants...I am a resident and happen to think they did an amazing job at organizing and controlling this event. It was refreshing to see that the streets stayed clean, my day time travel needs were not impaired by the festival and for the most part all patrons that I encountered were well behaved and enjoying our amazing town. Kudos to NPD, Sheriffs, Highway Patrol, and all others involved with crowd control.

I did not feel held hostage in fact I was a willing attendee with my family, and if you were there you would have seen the hundreds of other families with children enjoy a day out.

Bravo! BottleRock can't wait until next year.


'We don t believe that our neighbors should be subjected to 36,000 drunk, loud and littering individuals' Jane I happen to be a non drinker and non drugger. I found a waste cans everywhere I went and used it, Your comments insult me. there are actually middleaged sober people that went to bottlerock and had a great time.


Too bad it will happen anyways. Why not go next year or get out of town?

Nacho Girlfriend

The NRA of BottleRock.


Can't wait! Wonderful event, and we will be there again next year!


Awesome festival. Well organized. Can't wait for 2014


The Napa PD were definitely not "fabulous". Not once did I see them maintaining the traffic flow or redirecting limos or taxis toward actually parking on the side of the road, not blocking the intersections. I am extremely disappointed with the local police. I even asked an officer on foot to have them moved from my driveway but he took one look and walked away. My kudos to the CHP for doing a great job but unfortunately the NPD just enjoy the uniforms. I hope better preparation and planning is done for next year, and residents can actually park their cars out on the street without having to deal with "bottlerockers" and crowded streets.

Dirty Napkin
Dirty Napkin

Cops are not parking attendants.. Sheeze.


No real ill effects to my neighborhood experienced, similar responses from others that I previously discussed this event with... (altered) weekly routines weren't effected and overall I didn't run into any major traffic delays that I had honestly expected. So good on the BottleRock organizers for that.

A lot of credit goes to the City of Napa employees, especially Napa PD. City Staff hammered out a tremendous amount of planning details during the rushed permitting process when NVBR asked for road closures a few months back.

Obviously next time get the City involved in the process much sooner... and allow for more public input/involvement, sounds like the immediate neighborhood bore the brunt of this event.


This is great news! I'm so glad the complainers and naysayers didn't have a chance to influence this decision! Or should I say, that the head decision-makers didn't allow the silly noise complaints to get in the way of this obviously very successful event.

The complaints of a few, should never be given priority over the greater good of having such a beneficial event.

What the complainers need to realize is that it's only a few days out of 365. And the "noise" stops at 10pm every night. I think some people need to learn to put things into perspective. You did move by the fairgrounds. Just sayin'. And you had ample warning that the loud music would be coming. You had months to organize a getaway, if that "noise" bothers you that much.


It was an awesome event. Napan's, should be very proud.

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