With the wrap-up Sunday night of the five-day BottleRock extravaganza, the Napa Valley Expo and the city of Napa are now gearing up to decide how to handle plans for a repeat event next May.

Before Sunday night’s performance by the Zac Brown Band, event co-founders Gabriel Meyers and Bob Vogt said the largest event in city history would return for a second year, although for only three days instead of five. Meyers said the festival will return to the Expo on May 9, 10 and 11, 2014.

Although tickets to next year’s event are on sale now at bottlerocknapavalley.com, Expo and city officials have not yet given next year’s festival the green light.

Before the Expo talks about signing another contract with BottleRock, Napa Mayor Jill Techel said there need to be discussions about this year’s event and how to address problems, like a decrease in daytime business in downtown during the festival.

She would like to get totals on how much the city is owed by BottleRock for things like police overtime, and how much revenue downtown businesses pulled in, or didn’t, during the event.

“I want to have all the information about the financial impact and discuss how things can be mitigated before (the Expo board signs) a contract,” she said.

Because the Expo is state-owned property, the Expo board has full authority to permit activities there. However, BottleRock required a special event permit from the city of Napa because it closed streets and impacted the community. The event also required a significant number of the city’s public safety personnel and staff time.

BottleRock has not yet signed a contract with the Expo for the announced 2014 event, Napa Valley Expo CEO Joe Anderson said Monday. The Expo’s board of directors will review this year’s BottleRock on May 28.

The meeting starts at 1 p.m. in the Directors Cottage behind Chardonnay Hall. It is open to the public.

BottleRock did not return requests Monday for comment about last week’s festival or the decision to shrink the festival from five days to three.

Pre-BottleRock, organizers said around 11,000 were expected at Wednesday night’s soft-launch, and 35,000 each of the following four days.

On Sunday, organizers said about 10,000 attended Wednesday, 17,000 to 20,000 on Thursday, 30,000 on Friday, 35,000 on Saturday and about 30,000 Sunday.

The Expo’s Anderson said crowds left the fairgrounds in good condition, although the lawns, as is the case after every major event, need a good drink of water.

“I’m amazed at the respect of the people attending BottleRock and the good behavior we had,” Anderson said. “We had very few problems. It was loud, I understand that, and we will work on that in the future. I think BottleRock came through on its promises to neighbors to clean up, etc. There were hiccups, but we will work through them.”

Expo board president Al Wagner called BottleRock “a big success (with) very few incidents” and a big moneymaker for the fairgrounds

The festival likely generated $250,000 for the Expo — twice early estimates, Wagner said. This unprecedented windfall will help make up for the budget hit that the fairgrounds took two years ago when the state pulled its subsides of fairs.

BottleRock paid rent to the Expo and will give it a cut of alcohol sales.

If the Expo does end up reaping a quarter million dollars from BottleRock, it could likely freeze ticket prices for the Napa Town & Country Fair and building rental rates for years to come, according to Wagner.

“It was a win-win, not just for us but for everyone,” Wagner said.

Councilman Peter Mott, who attended four days of the festival, said he didn’t see many of the expected problems materialize.

“I was really impressed Gabe and Bob pulled this off and how few problems there were,” he said. “I talked to hundreds and hundreds of people. They were having a good time, enjoyed the valley and people here and everyone seemed to be friendly.”

Mott admitted there were some bumps, like shuttles taking a while to get to the Expo, but said he saw fewer traffic problems than he’d expected.

“I’m almost stunned at how well it went,” Mott said. “They did a great job planning and adapting.”

Techel said she too was impressed with how smoothly BottleRock went, though she did receive about 10 calls from Napa citizens.

“I talked to a gentleman on Friday night who had small children and his 2-year-old couldn’t fall asleep,” she recounted. “He was pretty frustrated with the noise that impacted his family.”

She said she spoke to a downtown restaurant employee who told her when he returned to his home around 2 a.m., he could hear trucks moving temporary traffic barriers around.

“The dinging of trucks backing up at 2 a.m. is something we can work on,” Techel said.

As for the helicopters that hovered over the Expo for hours each day and night, that’s something “everyone can agree was annoying,” Mott said.

Techel encouraged residents to contact the city about issues they experienced during the event.

She said the city has not yet had time to debrief, but will be meeting with BottleRock and the Expo board in the coming weeks. “I think there were less arrests, less vandalism and less parking problems downtown,” she said.

The Expo board approved BottleRock in December and event organizers started meeting with city staff about the surprise event earlier this year. Mott said he anticipates BottleRock will consult the city much sooner for its planned 2014 festival.

“I think they’ll probably start working with the city next month,” he said. “I’m very interested in working with them over the next year to make it a better festival. I’m a believer in it and a supporter of it and what it can do for the Napa Valley.”

So far, a community debriefing meeting on BottleRock, which event organizers promised to neighbors in the weeks preceding the event, has not been scheduled. Techel said she’d like the city to be part of that discussion.

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Here's an explanation of why the promoters cannot reduce their numbers too substantially. These events are very expensive to put together. The stages, lighting, construction and musician fees are all prohibitively expensive. This year I doubt the founders will make a profit. They most likely will take a loss with the hope that the good experiences will allow them to create a more profitable experience next year. Overall, it's mind boggling that more did not go wrong.

Reducing the size too much would not only cut into profits but might result in revenue loss. However, they might be able to reduce numbers down to 25,000 and still make a profit. That would be a compromise in my opinion.

Next year they should not be giving free tickets away to locals. They will need to lower the people numbers and make each ticket sold as profitable as possible.
The promoters should not be in the business of giving freebies to families with children. A baby in a stroller occupies more space than an adul


Everyone just whines about the "noise" it's only going to be three days and the music stops at 10! This town is not ready for a big event. Everyone is so uptight in napa


I've heard from some friends that worked at Bottlerock that checks are starting to bounce and the festival can't pay their bills. Has anyone confirmed that the City has been paid the money they are owed? Has the fairgrounds been paid? Before we all start talking about a festival next year, shouldn't the accounting be done for this year!


If you buy a home near an airport, you basically waive your right to complain about noise. If you buy a home near Memorial stadium, you waive your right to complain about parking, noise and stadium lights. If you buy a hime near a vineyard, you waive your right to complain about large wind machines and farming equipment noise at all hours of the day and night. If you buy a home near a freeway, you waive your right to complain about road noise and overnight construction. If you buy a home near a fire station, you waive your right to complain about sirens and heavy equipment. If you buy a home near a festival venue, and that venue suddenly gets used in a way it hasn't before.....need I say more? Our town was the talk of the nation for 5 days and a great host. We should all be proud! However, if you do not like such things, may I suggest circling the calendar in 2014 as a great time to take a weekend getaway or visit a long forgotten relative. Napa is a world class place, accept it.

Napa Mark

BottleRock is just too noisy for the Expo. The substantial additional noise over what has been tolerated in the past will not help the home values around the Expo. The Expo neighbors are being asked to sacrifice much so that others can profit handsomely and it is UNJUST. This event should be moved from the Expo. These suggestions of going away for the weekend or renting out your home are preposterous and are not solutions to the noise problem. A high volume rock festival should not be held where the population density is this high.


@ glenroy nobody had fun at any body else's e spends the overwhelming majority of neighbors supported this event and it is hard to feel sorry for the bitter few who didn't, they live next to An expo grounds that sits vacant 355 plus days a year generating zero money for the state or county. I think a year of peace and 3 very short days of music and fun is a very fair comprise, as far as the pot bashing goes people are realizing that all of the arguments opposing this event have been proven invalid and that is now the only thing they have to go off of witch is ridiculous because they didn't attend the event so how do you what was going on inside.... A story of your burnt out friends is irrelevant to the argument.


True, true. True on all accounts! Though, I think I did see that particular After School Special that glenroy was referencing....


What am amazing event!

This makes Napa even better!

Thank You Bottle Rock!


I am so disappointed in the Register's blatant summary of a weekend of music,art, entertainment, and community: a big pile of trash. Of course the Register doesn't mention that this trash was being hand sorted for post-BR recycling. The negative Publicity surrounding bottlerock simply fuels those naysayers amongst us looking for something to complain about. The fact of the matter is, the town of Napa just successfully implemented a grand scale marketing and publicity campaign through the gift of music and community, at little cost to the safety or daily life of the local population. Who can claim tickets were "too expensive for locals to enjoy" when many were being given out for free? Or that it impeded traffic when traffic was actually flowing as usual all the way up to the front gates of the festival. For those companies that missed out on potential revenue I say, go to BottleRock next year. Because those who shun the fun miss out on the business behind it.


As a Alta Heights neighbor I want to thank everyone involved in planning Bottlerock! It exceeded all of our expectations. To the complainers, and there are always the vocal few who complain about every little thing, but people really, the fairgrounds was here when we moved in 30 years ago, the music was loud, but not any louder than during the fair, just a whole lot better, and a nicer variety, something for everyone!!! If you can't take a couple of days of music, get ear plugs! we are less than 1/4 mile away, and I have to say, it was great, have some fun with it, it was a nice change of pace. Thank you for the Thursday tickets Bottlerock, it was exceedingly generous of you, my first Primus and Mosh Pit experience at 58, what a hoot! We attended 3 days, It was a very well behaved crowd, no more unruly than any event I've attended downtown. As far as the pot smokers (oh my and wine drinkers!), again, not any more than I've seen at the Veteran's park, or any other event downtown.


Jamedare - Point taken. I respect your right to your opinion. You're totally wrong, but...(JUST KIDDING Jamedare!) I love that we can have this sort of debate. I respect your opinion and encourage you and everyone else to stand up for what you think is right. I read your posts and they make me think and as far as I am concerned that makes you OK in my book. At least you are contributing your ideas to the discussion. That is all I have to say about that. Carry on and thanks.(So there!)


je1466, I respect your opinion too, and it was completely right for you to call me out, I did need to clarify that I am not indeed for doing anything illegal in front of a child. You made me think too.


As a working musician for the last 30 years, I've seen music clubs/restaurants close down or at least lose their music because of complaints from neighbors. Rainbow Bridge, Tom Foolery, Red Hen & , many more, & it's a shame. BR was mostly a great event, although I worked upvalley this W.E. and traffic was far less. I think wine tourists stayed away. I understand folks being upset losing revenue. Can't imagine how to solve that.Everyone has to be flexible in life. I wear earplugs so the tractors and wind machines don't wake me,the price I pay for living next to vineyards. I do think 3 days is better, and if they let ALL guests come and go, it will be good for downtown. I had to drive in the area, just leave earlier & take backroads.And come-on,it's a rock concert.One can't expect the cops to bust thousands of pot smokers. If BR can fix the transpo, bathroom, waterline glitches (& maybe volume issues a little), I say Bottle Rock on! Let's work it out and make it even better next yr.

Kaiser Sosay

Very proud to watch our city evolve and blossom..... Downtown Napa is relevant in the valley and continues to thrive and grow since the redevelopment & flood control projects. Take that upvalley snobs ; )
Happy to see those involved in this event come through so validated and unscathed. The businesses that adapt and cater to the Brock crowds will win every year. This event will continue to be fine tuned and only improve. For those who live close to the fair and don't like the noise...... take a 3 day vacation....durrrr....Those who fear change, always will. Fear leads to hate....hate to anger....darkside of the moon....ahhh whatever......ohhh add a feet washer next year.. !


Um... Wow. Jamedare, I am not sure you're helping anyone with that last post. Maybe Jane is a little aggressive, but her message is a good one. We don't need our kids surrounded by pot smokers in public. What you do in the privacy of your own home is one thing, but for us to publicly condone such behavior is not only immoral and unethical it is illegal. Sorry, no thank you. Anyone that wants to support Jamedare is welcome to do so but I am not sure you'd be helping the cause. Fact is there should be an aggressive anti-drug policy if the promoters choose to allow small children into the event. That is called social responsibility. As to whether the cops chose to enforce the rules, well that would be up to the city. Though with this day of video cameras I would hate to be the cop that ignores someone using drugs around a child and gets caught by someone's cell phone camera. No, my advise is to tone it down on the pro-pot smoking in front of the kids thing. Just my advise.


You are mistaken. I am not pro pot smoking, or pro pot smoking in front of children. I am simply saying that I know people believe differently than me on these things, and I am not the morality police. It is dangerous when a person wants to control things from their moral point of view, that is what I am saying. With or without pot smoking, this is not a place for young children, but I can't make parent's not bring them because that is my personal belief. Yes, it is an illegal activity. BUT, things can be taken too far when a moral agenda is introduced, such as my example of censoring the artists, and not selling alcohol. I would assume that the issue of drug use is a valid concern, and can be addressed in meetings with concert promoters and local authorities. The point I was trying to make, and that you obviously missed was, just be careful with a judgmental attitude when you have legitimate concerns.


Also, je1466, I am not asking anyone to "support me" I don't care if people do or don't. I am expressing an opinion, something that at least for now is not illegal. Everyone feels differently about things, and I feel the same as ihatewine when they state that people know what they are getting into by attending and event such as this with young children. Does that make it the right opinion, no, it makes it mine.


People know what there getting into when they go to a music festival if they don't want there children to be around that leave them at home nobody wants to pay that much for a ticket and stand next to a screaming child anyway as far as putting a cap on attendance that's unfair there were no traffic or crime problems any so why would you think that's necessary.Bottle rock has been so accommodating whether it be reversing the in and outs policy, giving free tickets to neighbors and college students, neighborhood meetings and making sure the stages were silent before 10 and you can't knock them for not having a follow up meting yet it just ended two days ago


I would just like to take a moment to say goodbye to the old conservative napa and say hello to the modern and innovative napa that I am finally so proud to live in. I know that there is a lot of people out there over the age of 30 that are strongly protesting this event and I would just like to say, "HA! I hope you hate it!!!"


MJJ, you're not helping matters. This is not a young person vs. older person debate. I know a LOT of in between 40 and 65 year old people who really enjoyed this concert and will be returning. Sorry, but you do not have a monopoly on rock festivals. Oh wait, rock festivals were invented by those 60 year old plus people. Come to think of it, rock and roll was an evolution of music styles that began in the 40s/50s which make those inventors somewhere in their 70s and 80s. Should we encourage them to "hate it" as you suggest?

Jane Esters

One additional matter that I am fairly set on. Either no one under the age of eighteen or a very aggressive no drug policy. I think it is disgusting that people were lighting up pot in front of the children and per the things I am reading on Facebook and the Patch our city law enforcement just walked away. For our law enforcement community to allow that type of behavior is a crime in and of itself and those officers that allowed it should be fired. Further, anyone using drugs should be immediately removed from the event. Any arguments to that?


Again, being the moral police. If you don't like it, don't go. People live their lives in different ways than you. No, 10,000 people a day is not fair. Who are you to put a cap on how many people can attend an event? There were far more than 10,000 people every day, and things were fine. Maybe they should also not sell alcohol, people getting drunk in front of their kids is bad too, right? Also, no bad language used by the entertainers, the kids shouldn't have to hear that! You can't push a moral agenda on people just because you don't like something, people live different and varied lives. Maybe an event like this is a good time for people to open up a dialogue with their children about life choices. Personally, I would never bring a young child to an event such as this, but that is my view, not every person in the world thinks that way. Ahhh, the beauty of diversity.


if you have ever been to a festival or other large outdoor event you will see police ignore the use of pot. It is not worth their time. Stoned people are easier to deal with than drunk people.

Jane Esters

I am forced to agree that I appear to be alone in this particular forum, but rest assured there are plenty of concerned citizens. I would like to thank vocal-de-local for a balanced and objective POV. I too will give some ground and clarify my point. I am not interested in "banning" BottleRock. I am interested in finding a balanced approach. Perhaps the debate has gotten out of control and in the spirit of vocal-de-local I would apologize if my tone or language has led to the perception that I am that rigid. I am sorry. My goals are to balance the interests of the festival and it's participants with those of the residents whom lives are negatively affected, including neighbors and businesses that are forced to close leaving them with lost income. Is that appropriate so that people can listen to music? I don't believe so. Vocal-de-local made an excellent suggestion. Limit the ticket sales to a reasonable number. 10,000 people per day seems reasonable. Would that be fair?


At first I was opposed to this concert for the reason following reasons. Noise, traffic and parking, I live downtown so sometime when there is a event. Parking is hard for me, I didn't feel like getting home from work and park in the hinterlands. During Bottle Rock, traffic wasn't that bad, noise wasn't even that bad either. Guess what parking wasn't that bad. Overall it has been good for Napa, the mix of band were good, heard lots of good things about it, next year will be different. Maybe we could improve on getting other short concert music festivals.

3 days won't be that bad, the promoters will work out all the little kinks, people will return know where, what and how of the even.

Tell you the truth, I have more parking problems when they have the Christmas Parade, Chefs Market and more noise problems. Traffic can be bad for a local event.

nor cal gal

I am curious as to the inconvenience it caused vs. the greater good for the community. Please publish the stats of the charity auction. I'd love to hear what gets donated to the N.V Ed Foundation as well as others. Surely, there are other occurances that keep people away. Personally, I don't venture out for a stroll on First St. during a terrible storm. Surely, their business plans have accounted for "bad weekends". Maybe trade out of Mother's Day (for the spas). The music was very lou, but I have to say, they were GREAT about ending at 10:00. Zac Brown even said at 9:51, "We have time for 1 more song". Traffic, it's everywhere and you plan accordingly. I don't try to drive to Marin from here on a "race weekend" but I'm not going to ask them to stop. I don't expect the Golden Gate to be traffic free during Fleet Week, Tahoe on 4th of July isn't traffic free, etc.... I really don't think people will be as scared of venturing out next year. It was great to not have to drive far at all.


I'm guessing most people who live by the Expo moved there AFTER it existed. The fair is there every year with noise, maybe not at that level. There are crowds and fights at the fair. A parade (if it still goes on) the closes the street. A demotion derby, a rodeo, and concerts. So stop complaining, it was well organized and contained. Don't move next to the airport then complain about the planes.


THE HYPOCRISY and Naivety of the WRITERS and EDITORS@NVR astounds me. Seven years ago in a sleepy little town called NAPA, the Community was given the opportunity to choose what direction the City should be seeking to take, concerning Arts & Entertainment. WE ALL participated in the Arts Council Napa Valley's(under Michelle Williams) Cultural Plan. The City Planners, Destination Council & City Leaders agreed with the results of this plan and also announced that they would SUPPORT any efforts by the Community to fulfill the plan. I know because I was one of the many people who helped create the plan. Check it out here. http://www.artscouncilnapavalley.org/cp/introduction.shtml
In summary it says, the City itself will encourage and help support "BOTTLEROCK" type events to take place. ART, WINE, MUSIC FESTIVALS, created and supported by Napkins should not be subject to this type of scrutiny by those who won't even research the history or seek to support a status quot we dumped long ago.


really, and did the plan include encouraging five straight days of high decibel sound at the expo? and why should the hundreds of locals who never heard of this plan be beholden to it now? Maybe they moved here since then, or maybe they changed their minds.

I get tired of people telling other people to shut up. Their complaints are legitimate and ought to be heard. It doesn't mean that the next Bottle Rock won't happen.


Bottlerock is the best thing to happen to Napa, no question about it! Not only did it bring in over 150,000 people, but it brought MONEY into our town! With our economy in the state that it has been I honestly cannot believe the amount of negative comments that have come through about this event. Downtown Joes was at maximum capacity, the clothing store downtown made the same amount of money it usually makes in 2 weeks in 3 days! It wasn't just the restaurants and bars that made a profit!
Yes, it was loud, but then again it was a CONCERT! What do you people expect?! And the music ended at 10 every night! I thought the police did an EXCELLENT job of getting people out of the neighborhood... yes there were thousands pouring out at once, but there was no hanging around!
For those of you thinking that Napa is a "sleepy little town" apparently you need to wake up! Napa is considered one of the premier travel destinations in the world and it's only going to get better!


Yorkshire, your view of 'better' might not match what other people think. 'Better' is subjective.

I support Bottlrock for 3 days a year and I would be willing to support a few more festivals with far smaller crowds. I am stoked that Napa might become known for something else besides just wine.

BottleRock should compromise. In order to compromise you need to listen to the voices of those who oppose this event. Those people should not be saying "never", and BR should not be saying "35,000 people, take it or leave it".

I personally think a smaller crowd of 25,000 people is more appropriate. Plus, more must be done to keep the sound volume down. Perhaps situating the largest stage away from the direction of the neighborhood would be a good start.

The sound can be drowned out with fans in bedrooms.

Neighbors who do not want to listen to the music can


Yes, you are correct 'better' is subjective, but what's your point?! I'm here trying to support an event; trying to bring some positive light to all this negativeness, and yet so-called 'supporters' still want to hassle everyone about it? My opinion of better is definitely different than yours and everyone else that is posting here. I'm simply happy that as a 25 year-old 6th generation Napa Native, I now have something to look forward to each year. Sheesh, one word and people want to pick you apart!

Jane Esters

It is the same thing over and over. "We loved the music and noise and people" Why is that relevant? Do any of you understand that not everyone enjoys that music, or the noise or the people? Perhaps it is too much music and noise and people. Maybe it's too loud or obnoxious or even downright ugly to some people. Maybe some people pay rent or a mortgage and have kids. Your statements of pleasure as to the event does not constitute a blanket statement of every resident of the city of Napa. Everyone has rights to enjoy their homes, with a sound track or without. I am not sure why it has to be so...contentious. What is wrong with moving the event away from people's homes and into a more isolated area? If the event was moved out of the city limits I for one would be completely satisfied.


And Jane, everyone has a right to a like things that you don't! I am sorry this is so ugly to you, and your objections to the event coming back next year seem mostly to be a personal, judgmental vendetta. I am glad that if the event was moved out of the city, resulting in loss of revenue for local businesses, inconveniencing more people that would be inconvenienced by keeping it were it is, that it would at least make YOU happy, as your whole crusade seems to be about you, and you only.


I don't think this is a personal vendetta for Jane. She has some legitimate concerns and her voice is valued here on this forum.

That said: the reason this venue works so well is because it's located within walking distance to downtown. Locating it at Napa Pipe would not be good for downtown merchants. Mare Island has a narrow entry and it would be a nightmare, plus it would not be Napa which is a big draw.

Mother's Day is a good weekend for this event because it's a great way of attracting incredible bands here (a magnet for bands to bring their families here)

That said, Napa needs revenue for roads and schools etc. Either they will gain revenue through festivals and tourism or it will happen through housing and business growth which will permanently increase the population of Napa. I want you to just give that some thought..


I disagree, it think it IS a person vendetta for Jane to a degree. She has made some judgmental comments, and those have no merit. Yes, she does have some legitimate concerns that could be brought up, but she needs to lose the judgmental tone she is using, it rubs people the wrong say and any legitimate concerns will be lost. Bitter people have a way of trying to stop other people from having a good time just because they don't particularly like something, and they won't ever be happy ( if they ever can be ) until they have stopped everyone else from being so.


As long as your happy apparently the rest of the town is too! The location was perfect! Most all neighbors pay rent or mortgage.. and many of them have kids! And many of those kids made their own profit from it! One neighborhood kid made over $50 on Friday alone from a lemonade stand! I'm sorry you have a misconstrued notion of how Napa should be, but this event gave a whole new appreciation to Napa and our culture! The city and county as a whole saw only profit! If the event is moved to a more isolated area it's going to cause even more issues! As a local I was able to ride my bike to help cut down on traffic and parking issues... Sure move thousands of people at a festival that is celebrating music, WINE, and food to an area where EVERYONE has to drive! Great idea! Promote drunk driving and more traffic congestion!

nor cal gal

Absolutely it should come back. SO much fun! I met SO many great people from ALL OVER. I did not meet or even encounter anyone that was not pleasant, helpful, having a great time. A few even thanked me as a local for "putting up with this". Are you kidding? GLADLY. Thank you to the neighbors and property owners who either took advantage of it by selling things out front, had a smile on their face, or even left town just so there'd be nothing to complain about. GREAT JOB having all food be locally based. Wonderful mix of genres. ZERO trouble parking within a mile's walk. My only real suggestions would be that more water stations would be helpful (for sure) and that it would be nice if they had their lineup and ticket pricing schedule hashed out before actually selling tickets. I had the "HWY 29" discount, which was probably one of the best out there, but I'm a little gunshy to buy tix right now in case better deals come up. There were a lot of negative feelings


And as far as the noise ordinance goes it was enforced that's why the music stopped at 10


But I bet if it was a country music festival I bet it would be alright , right glenroy after all zac brown band brought the only well behaved crowd absolutely no one was smoking pot during his show. Get over it people its only three days long its not turning into a year round concert venue and the music stops at 10. How can such few people be so selfish to try and ruin something for 10's of thousands of people in this town who have waited all there life for something like this to come to town the impact was minimal I live down town the fair causes much more littering , parking problems and it runs till midnight


I like your comment, except for the part about no one smoking pot during the Zac Brown Band. Where were you? I was only there for 2 songs and I saw half a dozen people light up with pipes and joints.


I think he is trying to be facetious towards another negative comment that said the only well-behaved crowd would have been at the Zac Brown band.


City of Napa - Take care of the noise problem. Enforce the noise ordinance. The quality of "Napa" life for the residences went way down - But I guess when money talks - you become deaf to the people. If the city council does not do something about the noise level, I will vote you out next election.


Every evening of the festival my husband and I sat on our deck and listened to the fun people were having, and believe me we heard it loud and clear. Music lifts the soul and both of us were excited and happy for Napa. I believe all the issues can be worked through...like turning the biggest stage around to face southwest away from the neighborhoods. I love having it downtown, it is so vibrant and alive. Finally something to do for our young adults in this city!
Next year bring in Maroon 5 and Bonnie Raitt Pulleese! Thank you Napa for doing this on short notice, shows your flexibility and positive side!!


I second Maroon 5 (I saw them in Tahoe last year and they are incredible!) and would add Mumford and Sons.


@ Jane ester, I'm very sure that if it wasn't for the tourists we wouldn't be such a great community. I hope that if bottle rock was good for the city of napa overall we should allow them to do it again next year.


Everyone is so negative ! Napa isn't ready for this. All everyone does is complain


I am a local who rode a bicycle downtown to and from the event over three days. I would love to see a "bike lane" as locals were encouraged to ride yet it was difficult when integrated with the heavy 10 p.m. foot traffic. I thought the crowd was polite; I took each of my kids for an evening and had no problems. The music was great. I can't imagine buying a home within a 10 block radius of the fairgrounds and not expecting noise a few times each year. The only thing I'm really bothered by is this image, showing what we were told was compostable being wrapped in plastic and put in what appears to be a standard landfill dumpster. I hope the pitch of being green is real; unlike what this image portrays.

Really napa

Jane, can we have a drink at next years bottle rock?


@ Jane - How did BottleRock upset you so much? The promoters had how man, three, town meetings to discuss the event? Im certain the City of Napa and local businesses did just fine. If it not be the immediate businesses downtown charging 100 for parking, or the various ones reaping rewards of late-night business...then it be the various restaurants in town enjoying the influx of people. The local businesses that did not take the time to take advantage of the incredible amount of people in town failed at business 101.
The City was not caught off-guard. Your interpretation of thugs is mind-boggling. I dont see what really upset you about a super festival that puts has really helped Napa out.
There are lessons learned, parking downtown wasnt as bad as people thought. Locals stayed away from downtown...the businesses could have had locals night to bring business in.
Oh, and Napa is for rent. Have you seen the over-priced homes downtown? All to live in a City near grapes.

Jane Esters

It is the complete lack of respect for our community that upsets me most and frankly the promoters played right into my hand. How dare they presume to announce they are returning without so much as a public meeting? Do they really wield such power? If so, what can we do as a community to take it away? No person, group or business entity should be able to manipulate our city (or any city) on that level. This is what they did five months ago and because they caught the city off guard they got away with it. I hope our government is better prepared this time. They've had five months to prepare and a full year from now to take our city back from these thugs. We are a community of families, not just a tourist destination. The needs of the community should come first. Our city is not for rent!


Our city has been out for rent since " wine and dine" became the "in thing" embrace it. And we are a world wide tourist destination!!!


Jane has a very accurate assessment of the situation downtown....that wasn't exactly a high dollar crowd….plus a lot of pot smoking in front of children.
I'll bet there will be litigation by dozens if not hundreds of residents who had their lives rocked....way beyond reason…if they don’t move rock/rap out of downtown.
They need to take at look at Mare Island it would be perfect for that type of event...nobody there to bother…and the can triple attendence.


Well, let's be clear about one thing: while pot smoking in front of children is insane, so is bringing children to a music festival where the sound levels are almost as high as some of the concertgoers. I saw a lot of strollers and little kids. Concerts are not good places for little kids, period.

What legal basis would the residents have? The noise stopped by 10PM. Their lives were not "rocked"; it was a mild inconvenience over the course of four days.

If being near a music festival for 1.5% of the year constitutes a serious hardship on your life, then I'd venture to say you have it pretty good.

People need to get over themselves. Everybody made money in the endeavor, so this is going to happen again with some logistical tweaks. If you think the Expo or the City are going to pass up a big bag of cash you're deluding yourself.

And anyone who votes Republican should be 100% behind the almighty dollar driving public policy decisions.


LOL...you still don't understand a lick about what Republicanism stands for...besides the core being anti-Democrat and proud of it btw, it’s about what is fair, not for rockers and potheads or land owners…what is NOT fair is those who live in southeast Napa were subjected to noise levels that were a pain in the arse. Little consideration was given to the retired and family to many 'highly' drunk stumblers stumbling around.... smoked way too many beers…

Your fun at your expense... not someone else....get it?


GR, I agree that this wasn't a high dollar crowd, although the VIP's probably had some spending $$$.

Thursday night tickets were practically 'give away' and business downtown was not great. Coincidence? Probably not but on the other hand, Thursdays will always be slower days and many people had to work the next day.

Nevertheless, giving too much away for free is just not a good idea.

I'm not sure why people would bring their babies and toddlers to a rock concert. I can see bringing a 12 year old but I think it's somewhat selfish to bring kids to a concert who are too young to appreciate it. BR should be charging 'per person' regardless of age so that parents leave their kids at home with a babysitter.

Festivals will have pot smoke, excessive drinking, and loudness that justifies ear plugs for little people ears. It's just not an appropriate environment for children.


Vocal....Think most where pothead parents probably like their parents...or retro hippies trying to avoid gainful employment…but they weren’t big spenders.
Didn't spend much time at the fairgrounds but I drove by the Bottlerockvilles a couple times a day...pretty sad to see filthy kids looking for something to do because their parents are still sleeping early afternoon.
Had friends who got into pot in the early 70s.. of the dozen or so who continued maybe one or two could function at 40, somewhat...most of the rest were long dead. Comes full circle though.... living too long and not living long enough...is it better to rust or burnout?...I think rust isn’t all that bad myself.

Nacho Girlfriend

If you can call the mayor when your 2 year old can't sleep, I think we still qualify as a small town.

Yay for BottleRock!

Jane Esters

If any downtown businesses made any non-projected money during the event it would be the restaurants and bars, all of which were likely forced to extend their hours of operation to recognize the profits. My guess is that the remaining businesses suffered loses. I look forward to the official report. I am glad that our city management now recognizes that their responsibility is to the citizens and businesses of Napa and not out of town visitors and money hungry promoters. I believe that there is plenty of room in Napa County for these events, but right in the middle of our city is not the right location. Move the whole mess into the country and everyone will win. More importantly, remember that as city managers you are setting precedent. Once we allow one event of this size we are obligated to allow others. How many are enough? Say "No" to inside city limits and OK to in the country. Maybe the promoters would open up their houses to the event. Now that would be a party.


I get dibs on Gabe Meyers house! After all, it's only for a few days, and we all have to sacrifice for the cause. He can live in my apartment next to the Expo for the duration.


It is very presumptuous of them to already be selling tickets. It's a real message that they couldn't care less what anyone else thinks.

I think it is probably a good thing that we have Bottle Rock, but also a good thing that we care about the negative impacts to some of our neighbors too. Give them a chance to have a voice.


Actually NB, the sudden announcement was a marketing strategy, a good one I might add. It appears arrogant and perhaps it is, but to make such an announcement in front of a substantial audience is brilliant. Also, it keeps the momentum moving forward.


It may be brilliant marketing but there are other values than making money. They should have gone ahead and done the follow up meeting they promised the neighborhood, as well as consult with the Expo board and city council.

Instead they just bullied their way past other people. And probably raised money for a stop bullying organization! Pretty sweet, huh?


Can't make the May 28th meeting, but I give a big "Yay!" to having Bottle Rock II next year.


Many people will not be able to make this meeting, as it is on a Tuesday at 1:00 p.m.! I hope that there will be more meetings, on a weekend or after 5:00 p.m. so more people can make it. I will be there on the 28th though, and I will be on the "YES" side! BottleRock was amazing, brought some life to Napa, made money for local businesses, and made a lot of money for different charitable causes.


All I seen were buses and that's great news. Police did great job for presence and hope people had a great time.

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