Agents with the Napa Special Investigations Bureau arrested two Napa residents Thursday night for allegedly possessing methamphetamine and growing marijuana.

Agents served a search warrant on a home in the 3300 block of Twin Oaks Drive in Napa at about 8:30 p.m. and arrested Michael A. Pushkarow, 48, and Julia N. Drum, 33.

They found five marijuana plants and an amount of suspected methamphetamine, according to NSIB Lt. Leroy Anderson.

Agents had developed information that Drum and Pushkarow were allegedly growing marijuana and selling meth in the home, Anderson said in a news release.

Drum and Pushkarow displayed symptoms of being under the influence of meth when they were arrested, Anderson said.

Child Welfare Services is caring for a juvenile who was at the home during the raid.

Pushkarow and Drum were booked into Napa County Jail on suspicion of cultivating marijuana, possessing methamphetamine, and being under the influence of methamphetamine. Drum was also booked for allegedly violating her probation.

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This headline in the Napa Register has to be the most extreme cases of sensationalistic journalism ever. These people were allegedly selling meth out of their house, a serious allegation, they also happened to have allegedly been growing five (5), yes five (5), marijuana plants, according to the Vallejo Times Herald. Yet the headline is about suspicion of growing marijuana - not trafficking in meth.


[quote]crooked6pence said: "'Cause it's the theme of the month."[/quote]

Theme, perfect description! I called it a way of affording to live in the valley but that was banned. I guess marijuana sales was "off-topic" when mentioning it as a form of subsidizing their income.


I made a comment about the affordability of living in Napa and alternate ways people are finding to pay for these things, such as growing pot. It was, of course, banned from our paper. Why can the writer inform us of the issue (not the first article of subsidizing income by growing weed) but I cannot comment on the cost of living in the Valley.
If only we would stop catering to the non-native wealthy people that can only see what their rose-colored glasses allow! Come on Napa Register..let the true Napkins have a thought/opinion.


'Cause it's the theme of the month.


I don't understand something.

Allegedly, people were caring for a juvenile whilst suspected of being in possession and under the influence of methamphetamine. Child Welfare is taking care of the juvenile.

So why is growing pot the headline ?

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