VOICES, a Napa nonprofit that helps young adults transition from foster care to adulthood, reported a break-in that cost the group about $1,500 worth of damage.

Site manager Mitch Findley said the burglary was discovered Friday morning. One or more people apparently broke the back window of the Lincoln Avenue site and stole a number of laptops, computers and a bike.

“I don’t think we were targeted because of who we are,” Findley said, describing the burglary as looking more random and done by someone unfamiliar with the building.

“It looked like the person was just looking for stuff to take,” Findley said.

In the group’s eight-year history, this marks the first such event. Findley said he believes community involvement in building VOICES has protected it.

“We did a lot of community building that created a sense of community around the space,” he said. “I don’t think anyone wanted to mess with it.”

The nonprofit is funded through government contracts, grants and donations. While still able to function, Findley said the theft will make things difficult.

“It’s very much an inconvenience more than anything,” he explained. “Technology for a nonprofit is a huge expense.”

Findley said police did a full investigation at the site Friday but he had not heard back as of Monday afternoon about possible leads. There were no cameras at the site.

Anyone interested in making a donation to VOICES may do so online at voicesyouthcenter.org.


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Just sad.

And whoever did this, do the right thing and return these stolen items. Just do it.

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