A Calistoga man died this week in what investigators are calling a pair of related homicides in adjacent houses in Marin County, but the sheriff’s office has declined to release many details.

The Marin County Sheriff’s Office said that 41-year-old Andreas Kreiden, who lived in the 1000 block of Cedar Street, was found dead Thursday in the back yard of a house in unincorporated Mill Valley, just hours after the body of Theodore Charles Rodden, 61, of Mill Valley was found in the yard of the adjacent house.

Krieden’s body was found near a rifle, according to local media reports, but the department declined to confirm that late Friday. Investigators did not release any information on exactly how or when the men died.

Investigators say the deaths are “related,” but declined to say in what way.

Sheriff’s Lt. Scott Anderson said Friday that the department was not ready to shed any light on where Kreiden was living at the time of his death or what brought him from Calistoga to Mill Valley. He said no additional updates would be available before Monday.

But neighbors on Pine and Cedar Streets in Calistoga said they saw Kreiden at the house on Cedar Street regularly.

“I knew he lived there,” said Sharie Renault. “He was very neat and orderly, always working very hard to make sure his property looked good.”

Lynn Brown of Forni Brown Welsh Gardens, which is located across the street from Kreiden’s home, said they saw Kreiden regularly and would occasionally talk with him about plants.

Both Brown and Renault said typically Kreiden was very quiet and kept to himself. “He wasn’t very sociable,” Renault said.

Kreiden’s parents owned the home on Cedar Street, Brown said, and had for “many, many, many years.” Kreiden told her that he was the caretaker of the house and his elderly parents who reportedly live in Mill Valley, she said.

Kreiden was very knowledgeable about trees, and interested in nature, Renault said.

Renault and other neighbors saw Marin County Sheriff’s officers surround and then go into Kreiden’s house. Later, they emerged with enough guns to fill the trunk of one car, she said.

She had no idea Kreiden had any guns in the home, Renault said. Police questioned her, Brown and other neighbors, she said.

Kreiden rarely had visitors other than his parents who would come by occasionally, Renault said.

Register editor Sean Scully contributed to this story.

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