A man on probation was charged Friday with possession of a controlled substance, a felony, two days after being arrested in Napa, according to court records.

George Juarez, 37, of Napa, was arrested at about 6:25 p.m. Wednesday in the 3700 block of Jefferson Street on suspicion of drug violations, according to Napa police.

Juarez was riding on the wrong side of the roadway on his bike when he was stopped for a stop sign violation, police said. He had suspected methamphetamine, police said.

Juarez was booked into the Napa County jail on suspicion of being in possession of a controlled substance and other allegations, according to court records.

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The police usually recognize these guys and pull them over for violations just like they would a car. I don't feel bad. If they were riding on the right side of the road and not running stops they wouldn't be pulled over.


There seems to be an inordinate number of "cyclists" committing crimes. This is giving us a bad rap. Just because I am all kitted out in a spandex Jester outfit, riding a $2K bike does NOT mean I smoke meth, am in possession of a crack pipe, am here illegally, or ride on the wrong side of the road at night with no lights. So feel free to play my favorite game, "Rush to Judgement", but we are really a good lot.


I would bet my home that Mr.Juarez was not outfitted as you describe above. I don't know a cyclist who could afford the bike and outfit described that would ride on the wrong side of the road, with no lights, after dusk. They tend to be a pretty law abiding bunch. There are hundreds of Napans who do not drive cars and are dependent on bicycle travel. Some are in this situation because they cannot drive legally because of a suspended license, undocumented and unable to get a licence, or are too poor...or spend their money in other ways...to afford even a beater car. Chill please...really, no one thinks that the Faux Lance Armstrongs we see on weekends are meth addicts.

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