A reward of up to $2,500 is to be offered for information that will help Napa police solve the death of 17-year-old Ramon Ramirez last Oct. 14.

Ramirez was found bleeding from the head and unconscious in the middle of Pear Tree Lane/Villa Lane intersection. The Vintage High School senior died nine days later at Queen of the Valley Medical Center.

On June 21, authorities will announce the $2,500 reward fund — up to $1,000 from Napa Valley Crime Stoppers and another $1,500 from Ramirez’s family and friends, police said Tuesday.

“The investigation into what exactly what happened has come to a standstill as no eyewitnesses or responsible person has come forth,” Napa Police Sgt. Paul Paniagua said. “At this point, the investigation has been unable to determine exactly how Ramon suffered his injuries as a cause has not been determined.”

The $2,500 reward is for the first person who provides information to resolve the case, police said.

The funeral of the Vintage High senior, a member of the varsity soccer team, drew more than 1,000 people late October to St. John the Baptist Catholic Church. He was buried at Tulocay Cemetery.

This story was altered since first posting.

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I too, hope someone steps up, God bless this young man, my prayers are with all his family and loved ones....


My family and I thank you all for your kind words. Hopefully someone steps up soon. We are all thinking positive that maybe one day justice will be served for my brother's death.

Thank you.

carry on

If someone has known anything, may the reward and time that has passed make the difference needed


What a beautiful child....please, if ANYONE knows ANYTHING, do the right thing and come forward......this boy's memory cries for justice......RIP beautiful boy......


Think you hit that one out of the park Bau....

We'd be willing to add a little more to reward if that would help...


This could be a case where the only witness is the person who hit the kid or even scarier it is someone who was drunk or high or too old to even know they hit someone.


Ditto Steph

….can’t begin to imagine how families deal with tragedies like this…


This story just breaks my heart. What a beautiful young man....

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